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Well-being / New practices : Discovering healing with Elya Hasson

« The more you cleanse a certain number of emotions, the more you achieve the feeling of being aligned with what you can do best »

Elya Hasson

In recent years, and even more so in this time of pandemic, there has been a growing interest in holistic therapies and a rediscovery of the benefits of alternative traditions and practices on the body and mind. With so many possibilities and teachings flourishing, Elya Hasson’s “Le grand livre du healing” is a useful book. After several years spent between Europe and the United States experimenting with alternative medicines and holistic traditions, Elya Hasson reviews in this book sixty known or confidential techniques that allow one to increase one’s energy and feel good on a daily basis. Here are some tips from a passionate person on how to take care of yourself. 

Today you are publishing a book on healing. Can you first introduce us to this practice in a few words ? 

Elya Hasson : Healing is a global term that encompasses all alternative medicine practices and holistic traditions. Healing is different from wellness, because it goes beyond that, by including a spiritual dimension and an integrative approach to the human being. 

This practice covers some sixty different techniques, such as acupuncture or shamanism, which I discuss in my book The Big Book of Healing. The art of healing in 60 techniques from alternative medicines and holistic traditions. I distinguish between ‘major’ and ‘complementary’ methods. The major methods are those that allow you to heal yourself with the different axes Body-Mind-Self. This is for example the case of kundalini yoga which is becoming very fashionable. Its impact is very transformative! As for the complementary methods, they act on a particular moment. They lead to a letting go, as acupuncture does, but their action will be more limited and they are not enough to transform us. 

Kundalini yoga 

Kundalini yoga is one of the ten existing forms of yoga. It takes its name from the Sanskrit term “kuṇḍalinī” which refers to an energy that is believed to be present in everyone and to evolve along a channel located in the spine. Considered by some as the original yoga, it is particularly powerful in its effects, based on a body and breathing technique and integrates relaxation and chanted or silent meditation. Kundalini yoga is said to have a psychological and even spiritual action in addition to its physical action. 


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