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Portrait of an artist #6 : Anneagma

It was during a theater course taken by my sister that I first met Anne.

We met again a few years later, when Anne had become an actress … “an incredible job when you’re acting, but so hard and cruel when you’re not acting,” as she explains so well in this interview. It was during one of these uncertain moments that Anne decided to look for emotional desire elsewhere, and it was in the land that she found it!

I had the chance to witness the birth of a vocation, which her pieces can testify to.

This interview is, for me, an opportunity to talk to Anneagma about her art and her inspirations, and to gauge her perspective on a theme that has inspired me for a very long time: constraint in art.


Mélissa Burckel: Hello, Anne, how are you?

Anneagma: Quite well, considering the circumstances.


Three words to describe what we have been living since March 18th?

Fog. Chaos. Tragedy.


How did you become a ceramist?

By vital need. To be in harmony with myself. I no longer wanted to and could no longer depend on the desire of others. A few years ago, I was an actress. It’s an incredible profession when you practice it, but so hard and cruel when you’re not acting. It’s a profession where you are chosen. So, I took the opposite approach, deciding that I would be the one who would choose by becoming the creator of my own life. Instinctively, it was to the earth that I went. My first contact with this material was truly an upheaval, and I weigh my words: it definitely changed my life!


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