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Tiny House, savouring the essential

In a Saint-Émilion vineyard, Géraldine Boyer introduces her very first “Tiny House”, with pure lines, allowing us to indulge in the pleasure of total disconnection, while practising virtuous tourism.

How would you like to escape to a micro-house nestled in the heart of an exceptional vineyard ? This is the original experience proposed by Géraldine Boyer, a passionate traveller who has travelled all over the world and worked for large hotel groups. Her website, Parcel, which aims to be the first natural, committed and local hotel concept promoting slow tourism, calls for people to recharge their batteries by sleeping in a Tiny House nestled in the midst of the land of local producers.

For her very first slow-living destination, Géraldine Boyer has chosen to welcome her guests to an organic vineyard in Saint-Émilion. Inviting people to leave the superfluous behind, this place offers plenty of scope to discover or rediscover the region and its riches, between an open-air walk and tasting a grand cru. The Tiny House experience also promotes committed and environmentally friendly tourism : here, everything is in season and locally produced, such as the breakfast, boasting delicious, organic granola, homemade by the friends of Café Lichen, and tasty, homemade fruit juice.

The Tiny House is 100% autonomous and eco-responsible, with a design that values local production, without compromising on comfort. Wood stove, eco-certified toiletries, double bed and ecological shower; the micro-house has all the necessary equipment to make your stay pleasant. Only, the wi-fi is deliberately missing, as the experience is designed to offer total disconnection, far from human agitation, with the fields and vineyards as your only neighbourhood.

It’s a break in your hyper-connected life, to enjoy the local art of living,” explains the founder of Parcel. In line with the slow-life philosophy, which advocates slowing our pace of life to enjoy the simple things, Tiny House invites you to escape in eat, sleep & repeat mode in a peaceful place imbued with beauty, less than three hours from Paris.


Parcel Tiny House

Approximately 140€ per night