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Arturo Arita: Floral sculptures and chromatic symphonies

As a florist of the new generation, Arturo Arita shakes up the codes of floral art with contemporary, colorful, and graphic compositions, inspired by his Central-American origins. After the remarkable inauguration of a space conceived as a floral gallery a year ago, he is preparing to offer a digital version with the opening of his e-commerce site, which is scheduled for mid-December. 

Originally from Honduras, after having lived in New York City, where he studied speech therapy, Arturo Arita decided to follow his passion and start plant design when he moved to Paris in 2014. He has always been fascinated by the majestic leaves that grow in botanical gardens around the world and creates graphic and ultra-contemporary floral compositions, conceived as real-plant sculptures. The geometry of the plants and the sublimated contours and purity of the lines magnify the frank and radiant colors of his bouquets that are both modern and sensual. Heliconia She Kong, Anthurium … Arturo’s bouquets celebrate the exoticism of flowers from all over the world, such as from Indonesia, Cameroon or Costa Rica, which can be combined with local perennials, such as imperial fritillaries, ranunculus or gypsophila, to create a symphony of colors, shapes, and fragrances.

Arturo Arita

Arturo Arita’s sumptuous and innovative compositions quickly secured him a renowned clientele (fashion and luxury institutions and neighbors, such as Christian Louboutin), prompting him to open his own space, which he entrusted to his friend architect Sophie Dries. Located near the Palais-Royal, this boutique, which harmoniously blends Baroque and Art Deco inspirations, was conceived as a gallery: white walls and a plaster composition inspired by the mannerist caves of the Italian Renaissance, a large counter in raw marble from Brazil where the florist devotes himself to his compositions, the reflection of mirrors extending the freshness of this lush setting. Just like in a museum, colored vases in various materials, found by Arturo, are placed on pedestals or in niches at various heights, and expose the compositions of the florist as works of art inviting the visitor to escape. Temporarily closed due to the confinement, this store will soon be available digitally: Arturo Arita is about to launch his e-shop mid-December on his website, where some of his compositions already appear. As many aesthetic experiences as plant travels that will all be available in a few clicks behind your screen, or in a few steps after the confinement.

Arturo Arita

Arturo Arita in 10 questions

How do you nourish your creativity?

In the botanical gardens where I can admire the beauty of the large leaves. An enchanted place, full of geometry and mystery.

A painter or a designer who inspires you?

I like Allen Jones very much: I love his paintings, the bright and contemporary colors he uses. I had the opportunity to meet him in person during his last exhibition in Paris at the Almine Rech gallery.

What bouquet of flowers do you think is ideal to gift your partner? 

I love to gift bouquets that are clean and graphic. A resolutely contemporary floral composition with stylized forms and precise arrangements. For example, the association of a leaf of Livistona and a beautiful Protea Venus.

Your corner of nature or a garden where you like to escape to, in France or abroad?  

I can’t wait to return to Roberto Burle Marx’s garden in Rio de Janeiro. It is a colorful garden, a symphony of shapes, colors, and scents.

A flower that is not well known that you would like people to discover?

Heliconia She Kong is my favorite flower. It is an exotic flower that I use a lot in my floral creations; it is large and graphic.

A piece of design that you would like to buy for yourself?

A pink-colored glass paste vase by Garnier and Linker.

The object you do not part with?

I always have my key chain with me by Jean Després.

In Paris, your favorite place during the day, and at night?

During the day, I love to walk around the Palais-Royal, absorbing the beauty of the place and the light. At night, in Paris, the light of the city is so beautiful and subdued … very bewitching.

The best advice you received that still serves you today?

“Never question yourself.”

Your latest interesting discovery on a social network?

I recently discovered the artist Bela Silva on Instagram. She is inspired by the plant world to create ceramic objects.

Arturo Arita

Instagram : @arturoarita

15, rue Jean-Jacques-Rousseau, Paris 1st

Phone : 01 40 26 80 83