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“Anticorps” at the Palais de Tokyo: rethinking contact in the face of the pandemic

Assembled in record time (less than six months) by the Palais de Tokyo’s curatorial team and now visible online, the “Anticorps” exhibition brings together 20 artists from the French and international art scene to rethink our relation to our body and to touch, at a time when forced social distancing limits contact and forces us to find ourselves.

The works presented are, for the most part, direct responses to the COVID-19 crisis and explore the polysemy of the exhibition’s title. This journey through four spaces dedicated to the exhibition brings us to question our connection to our body and the sense of touch. The caresses, murmurs, breaths or threats, into which the artists immerse us, question our affections while opening the perspective of new forms of social eroticism through the sounds of Carolyn Lazard and Dominique Petitgand, as well as by putting the senses on alert with the hybrid bodies of Josèfa Ntjam, who reinvents new forms of life.

Josèfa Ntjam Anticorps

Why did we love this exhibition?

Rethinking our relationships with others, questioning the physical touch and our relationship to the skin through the eyes of artists challenged by the pandemic: the subject of the exhibition, at the heart of current events, confronts us with the immediate present. The diversity of the works and the senses awakened by the artists open up new perspectives. “Why should our bodies stop at the border of the skin?” as asked by the philosopher Donna Haraway in her book Cyborg Manifesto, a question that punctuates this entire exhibition. In fact, while reinforcing our desire for contact, the distance imposed by COVID-19 may open up new frontiers for what we wish to have…

Tala Madani Anticorps

Exhibition « Anticorps »

From October 23rd, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021

Palais de Tokyo : 13, avenue du Président-Wilson, Paris 16