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How to Create the Perfect Vegan Wardrobe?

Veganism is a booming trend and a true lifestyle that goes beyond the plate. After food, the fashion and beauty industry is seeing the emergence of more and more brands that innovate and combine aesthetics, ecological awareness and concern for animal well-being. Being vegan from head to toe is now possible! Our advice and our selection for a 100% vegan wardrobe.

Veganism is becoming more and more popular in a world where environmental and food concerns are now seen as essential priorities. Advertised by stars like Beyoncé and Leonardo DiCaprio, veganism continues to grow in popularity. According to a study by The Vegan Society, the number of people following a vegan diet has increased by 350% in 10 years, and the demand for vegan products has increased by 257% between 2012 and 2016!

Veganism has evolved from being primarily about eating, into a way of life that now includes the wardrobe. Real vegans don’t just follow a diet: they dress vegan, they wear vegan shoes, vegan makeup… In short, they live vegan. The term “vegan”, although commonly used, did not officially enter the Larousse dictionary until 2015. As a reminder, veganism is defined as the refusal to consume any product from animals or their exploitation, including clothing.

But how to lead an entirely vegan lifestyle?

In regards to clothing, it is the nature of the materials used that determines whether or not the garment is vegan: neither wool, nor leather, nor fur, nor silk, nor feathers, nor duvet. Concerning cosmetics, the product must not only contain no animal products, but it must also be sulfate- and paraben-free, and the brand must guarantee that its products are not tested on animals. Thanks to their research, several fashion and cosmetics brands have been able to innovate and design new vegan materials to replace the animal-based materials previously used. However, we must remain vigilant because, unlike organic brands, there is no “vegan certification” regulated by law, which means that any brand can claim the designation. To help you find your way around, Acumen has selected a number of brands, allowing you to create the perfect all-vegan wardrobe.

Poétique Paris

Poetique Paris        

Made in France, revisited Parisian classics and original alternatives to leather: this is what defines the ethos of this Parisian brand. At Poetique, there is no question of endangering our environment for a leather jacket. That’s why Pauline and Cattleya, the founders of Poétique, use apple skin leather as well as cereal alter-leather, which comes in smooth and grained versions to please everyone. As for the linings, they are made from recycled plastic bottles.


Flamingos’ Life

The newcomer to the world of sneakers, in competition with Nike, Adidas and Veja, has decided to chart its own course by opting for vegan shoes. At Flamingos’ Life, the sneakers are all produced in Spain with eco-friendly materials, such as corn waste, bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. The brand is also committed to upcycling, giving a second life to materials that have already been used.

Maquillage vegan de Cover FX

Cover FX

Being vegan is not only about carefully selecting your food and clothing, it’s about choosing the right makeup. At Cover FX, you can switch from foundation to mascara and lipstick, confidently knowing that no animal well-being was affected. All their products carry the vegan specifications. Their philosophy: simple ingredients and quality products.



This French brand of jeans and shoes has set itself a mission: to produce in the most eco-responsible way possible, giving priority to short circuits, hence its name: 1083. Indeed, the brand is committed to manufacturing its products within a radius of less than 1083 kilometers from your home, the distance between the two most distant cities in France, Menton and Porspoder. All jeans are made of organic cotton and recycled fiber. Even better, 1083 is also part of a circular economy approach: each new product is designed in such a way that at the end of its life it can become the raw material for a new product.

Veste en cuir vegan sur un mannequin de Altiir


To create collections inspired by the rock’n’roll counter-culture of the sixties, Timothy Turner-Sutton and Lincoln Godwin, the creators of Altiir, use Piñatex, a faux leather made from pineapple skin. This eco-responsible approach is at the heart of the design of their luxurious collections, with the desire to engage the fashion industry in a new era of environmental consciousness without compromising style and quality. Their glam rock perfectos demonstrate their attention to detail and authenticity. Can you be vegan and rock’n’roll without compromising animal welfare? With Altiir, that’s not even a question!


Ashoka Paris

The Ashoka Paris brand, launched only three years ago, aims to change the luxury industry by creating vegan leather goods. The materials used by the founding couple are not the most common: in addition to imitation leather and suede, the brand offers bags, wallets and belts in apple skin, a fruit-based bio-sourced material. As for the linings, they are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.