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Portrait of an artist #4 : Mathilde Nivet

by Mélissa Burckel, artistic director and curator

Mathilde Nivet is a French artist who graduated from the Duperré school in Paris. She decided to devote herself to her passion for decoration by becoming a set designer, creating decors mainly in paper. She tirelessly manipulates this material by questioning the notions of fragility, improvisation, and storytelling. She also designs window displays, creates packaging, and speaks at workshops and conferences in art schools and museums. Her personal works are regularly presented in exhibitions.

It was by pure chance that I discovered the artist Mathilde Nivet. I was walking down rue de Sèvres, in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district, when I saw, in the window of a luxury boutique, a young woman, perched 3 meters high, hanging a floral decoration made entirely of paper … I remember being totally taken in by this poetic garden and by the precise and meticulous gestures of this mysterious tightrope walker. Without thinking, I went into the shop to meet this young artist and asked her name.

A few months later, I contacted Mathilde Nivet within the framework of the creation of an ephemeral museum for a major French brand. A project, unfortunately cancelled, which required a lot of technical and artistic constraints. The constraint in art is a subject that fascinates me, so it seemed interesting to me to discover the point of view of the artist Mathilde Nivet on this subject…


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