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Anne-Flore Cabanis is a French artist who graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Since 2001, she has been drawing a random line with pencil on paper. This writing obeys simple rules: a freehand-drawn line that does not cross itself, incorporating only right angles. After a study trip to Brazil in 2005, she translates this language in space through different forms: performances, sound pieces, in-situ tape collages and installations in volumes of stretched lines.


Her projects have recently led her to work at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, in a college in Aubervilliers (93), at the Metz train station, at La Filature (Mulhouse national stage), and abroad in the Ixelles district of Brussels in Belgium, as well as in the city of Taipei in Taiwan. She lives and works in Paris.


It is in 2013, during one of my 22:22 evenings, organized at one of the mythical clubs of the capital, the Bus Palladium, that I met the artist Anne-Flore Cabanis. The concept of the evening consisted in inviting a personality from the culture world and asking him or her to program three musical artists and one artist to exhibit. Julie Gayet, actress and film producer, was our third programmer, and it was on this occasion that she introduced me to the works of Anne-Flore Cabanis.


I remembered having already been impressed by her monumental installation entitled Connexions, made at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS one year earlier. Watching the teaser of this exhibition, one realized the precision that such an installation requires and the “accurate” place that is offered to a work of art in the immensity of a reception area.


Seeing Anne-Flore Cabanis running from one end of the nave of the CENTQUATRE-PARIS to install these colored strips, I had the vision of a kind of ritual, a true artistic choreography, a poetic ballet…


Do constraints abolish all forms of improvisation in the creative process?

Anne-Flore Cabanis gives us her point of view on this question during an interview in her studio in Romainville.


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