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Four Great Parisian Street Artists

In France, street art, as an individual initiative, started with social movements like the one of May 68. Pioneer street artists such as Ernest Pignon-Ernest contributed to its arrival, creating works on the streets in a spontaneous and illegal way. Today, the streets of Paris offer a diversity of works by recognized street artists that have established themselves in the last two decades, among them: Jef Aérosol, Miss. Tic and M. Chat.

Jef Aerosol

Jef Aerosol, or Jean-François Perroy, his real name, is a French artist who started street art when it had just arrived in France. Previously an English teacher, he decided to devote himself entirely to his art and laid his first stencil in the streets of Tours in 1982. Recognizable by the famous red arrow, his works can be found on the walls of many cities, such as Lille, Paris, London, Lisbon, Rome, New York, Dublin, Tokyo and Barcelona.


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