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Digital clothing : the virtual invites itself into our dressing room

Often criticized for its environmental impact, fashion is renewing itself and opening up to a new, more digital era. In this context of accelerating digitization, innovations are emerging in line with new consumer practices. Among the latest to date is the appearance of entirely virtual clothing designed solely for social networks. Zoom on these new generation dressings, at the intersection of fashion and technology.

An exclusively virtual wardrobe that you can’t touch, but that gives you a hell of a look on social networks? This is the new offer that is developing at full speed and that now allows you to buy 100% digital clothes in one click! Tribute Brand masters this art of staging yourself on social networks  perfectly. When browsing through the clothes on their Instagram account, they seem very real, and yet they are only collages … that you can simply buy on their site. Between metallic pink mermaid pants and a vinyl trench coat with neon green reflections, which piece will you fall for? Offering virtual and futuristic clothes that are supposed to fit everyone, Tribute Brand claims to be a no-gender brand that extends beyond the traditional boundaries of fashion. Its digital clothes are only available in limited quantities and some are even out of stock. Victim of its success, the brand will not propose any restocking of its pieces. 


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