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What if the real cause of the French Revolution wasn’t the one you were taught? This is what you will discover by watching the new series produced by Netflix: The Revolution.

Expected in October, this French fiction freely revisits, in a fantastic form, a bloody period that turned France upside down. Unveiled on the symbolic date of July 14, the teaser shows us a guillotined statue’s head, which could be Louis XVI’s, from which flows blue blood, and concludes with a mysterious phrase: “Power to the ninety-nine percent, death to the one percent.”
Written by Aurélien Molas and Gaïa Guasti, the scenario will transport you back to 1787 to the beginnings of the Revolution and will navigate between historical facts and fantastic adventures throughout the eight episodes of the show.

The Revolution tells the story of Joseph Guillotin, future inventor of the guillotine, investigating a mysterious virus that spreads among the nobility and incites the aristocracy to attack the people… Shot in Versailles, the show will feature new faces: the lead role is played by the actor Amir El Kacem, who plays Joseph Guillotin and, at his side, Marilou Aussilloux plays Elise de Montargis. Described as “epic, wild and profoundly fictional,” this original creation promises to be as intriguing as it is bloody… a whole revolutionary program!

On Netflix in October 2020

La série révolution sur Netflix