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India in Paris: Trip to Little India

India, its colors, its smiles, its perfumes, its spices … Want to immerse yourself in Indian culture for a day? Follow us for a colorful stroll in the heart of Paris! Head for the Indian district, also called Little India or Little Jaffna. Located rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis, between La Chapelle metro station and the Gare du Nord train station, this district experienced a great wave of Sri Lankan immigration, mainly composed of Sinhalese, Buddhists, and Tamils, Hindus, who fled Sri Lanka at the time of the civil war in the 80s.

A stroll through Little India is the promise of an experience for the senses that will transport you thousands of miles from the capital. At every step, your sense of smell will be stimulated by the scents of spices and incense. Your sight will be dazzled by the brightly colored and shimmering Indian outfits, your appetite will be whetted by dishes with a thousand and one flavors, and your hearing will be lulled by the joyful cacophony of this lively neighborhood.
We went to find for you the best Indian and Sri Lankan restaurants where you will be able to travel without even leaving Paris.

The Brady Passage

This is the temple of India in Paris, between the Château-d’Eau and Strasbourg-Saint-Denis metro stations, in the heart of a cosmopolitan and popular district. There is a multitude of restaurants and all kinds of shops, including hairdressers and beauty salons; but if there is one shop not to be missed, it is the Velan grocery store. The oldest Indian grocery store in the Brady Passage, dating from 1972, is a real Ali Baba’s cave. It will delight lovers of Indian culture, who will find everything there: kitsch souvenirs, Indian handicrafts, jewelry, fabrics … and of course all kind of spices!

43, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin, Paris 10e