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Vegetable Gardens with a view: When the rooftops of Paris metamorphose into urban farms…

Picking strawberries or herbs for dinner while watching the dome of the Invalides? It’s a dream come true! For the past few years, the rooftops of the capital have been transformed into vegetable gardens. Agricultural areas are springing up on top of Haussmann-style buildings, creating a new rural horizon on the Paris skyline. Urban agriculture, which appeared in the mid-2000s, is now booming.

Initially introduced in New York and Singapore in response to a lack of space, the phenomenon has spread to France and gained momentum in Paris. Where start-ups and innovative companies are multiplying projects for urban vegetable gardens and farms on the rooftops of the capital and its outskirts. While the initial idea of these new perched gardens was to bring green back into the city, as the green facades have made possible, they go further by providing restaurants, culinary craftsmen and the general public with fresh produce.

These urban vegetable gardens may differ in format or the species grown there, but what they all have in common is that they develop local production that is as environmentally friendly as possible and offer the establishment of ultra-short distribution channels. Conceived as places for sharing and conviviality – some even operate on a community model – they help to create real social links while being able to play an educational role. Old, forgotten species are revalued, and nature trails are created. Combining healthy food and agricultural initiation, the metamorphosis of Parisian rooftops sketches out what could well be the skyline of the city of the future.
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The Haussmann Perched Gardens at Galeries Lafayette

Thanks to an innovative and proactive greening policy, the roof of Galeries Lafayette became France’s first urban commercial rooftop farm in 2015. Today, 18,000 plants are cultivated there thanks to a vertical permaculture system invented for the site by the company “Sous les fraises”, operator and partner of Galeries Lafayette for the project. Strawberries, purple oxalis, cherry tomatoes, hops, begonias, and other species grow there in a material made of sheep’s wool, hemp and soil.
Aromatic plants coexist with edible flowers, as well as a microscopic multitude of plants, fungi and microorganisms that make it possible to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers. Urban vegetable gardens aim to reintroduce agriculture to cities and put food from our gardens back on our plates, and their products are delivered to artisans or restaurants in an ultra-short circuit.
If Galeries Lafayette’s vegetable garden is not accessible to the public, its produce is delivered to the chefs of partner restaurants or is transformed directly by local artisans into various products, such as honey and fruit nougats, sweet and savory biscuits, herbal teas or beers.

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