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Artist Portrait: Quentin Deronzier 

Quentin Deronzier

Creating theatrical visuals from another world, French director Quentin Deronzier has developed over the years a unique taste for electric color palettes and surrealist concepts. Through his creations Quentin Deronzier explores distorting ideas, always on the borderline between the real and the impossible. Quentin has worked with countless artists, personalities and brands around the world.  In my profession, one of my privileged moments is to spend long hours searching for the artist with whom I will collaborate on an artistic project. It was during one of my sleepless nights that I discovered the work of Quentin Deronzier.
His Instagram account appeared in my suggestions, and I remember being totally transported by his electric surrealist universe, close to that of James Turrell, as well as by his aestheticism straight out of a science fiction movie. 
At the time, I was working on a side project for the Paris Design Week festival for the Campari spirits brand, at the request of the Moma Event agency. It was about the opening of a temporary venue called “Red Galleria”, combining design, art and music. 

I quickly contacted Quentin Deronzier and asked him to create an immersive experience in response to the brand’s signature theme of Unlock the Unexpected. A dreamlike and immersive journey defying space and time.
Do constraints abolish all forms of improvisation in the creative process?
The artist Quentin Deronzier gives Acumen his point of view during an interview conducted in the offices of La PAC (film production company), which represents him.

Mélissa Burckel: Hello, Quentin, how are you?
Quentin Deronzier: Very well, Mélissa, I hope you are too. One project follows another, but I still manage to take a few days here and there to rest and enjoy the summer.

MB: Can you describe in three words what we’ve been going through since March 18?
QD: Reset. This crisis is so destabilizing that it puts into perspective things we thought we had acquired.

MB: You divide your time between Paris, New York and Los Angeles, but you still live in Annecy, your hometown. Why is this so important to you?
QD: For me, it’s a question of balance. The creative stimulation and the energy of a big city are essential to my personal development. Having lived in several capitals, such as Paris, Amsterdam, and Tokyo, I have gained a lot from the experiences and encounters I have had there.
But there always comes a moment of saturation. An overflow. I then need to escape to a quiet, slow place, close to nature, to get my head off the handlebars and take a step back from what I’m doing. That’s why my life and my studio in Annecy counterbalance my experiences in Paris or abroad. I don’t miss either of them.


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