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Angell Bike, “the smart e-bike” city changer

Imagined by Marc Simoncini (Meetic, Heroïn …) and Jules Trecco, designed by Oraï-to, manufactured by SEB in Côte-d’Or, Angell reinvents the concept of the electric bicycle. Thanks to its technology, this “smart bike” can be adapted to the personalized use of each rider.

Its superb neo-retro design made by Ora-ïto sets it apart from others and would already have been enough to make us fall … But the Angell bike is also a compendium of technology that revolutionizes the use of the electric bike.

Presented as the safest e-bike in the world, this bike, made in France, is a bit like the Tesla of two wheels! Equipped with an automatic lock and an alarm, it unlocks with a code. Without it, it will trigger an alarm and notify its owner by message of its location. Maximum protection; how precious in Paris! And that’s not all! This smart bike combines solid and attractive hardware – the frame, the components – with software that adapts the bike to its use.

Its “cockpit” thus makes it possible to plan journeys, find your way around and adapt the use of a battery with a range of 70km. With its four riding modes,
Angell can propel you to more than 25 mph at a pedal stroke.

Another advantage: its battery – less than 2kg, rechargeable in 2h, and its aluminum frame makes it an extremely light electric bike: 13.9kg in total, which positions it as a hybrid bike that can do without a motor.

Its price? 2,690 euros or 74.90 euros per month over 36 months. Available for pre-order with the first deliveries scheduled for early August.

The Angell Bike has already won over hundreds of customers. How can you not want to be one of the next to combine ecology, elegance, and practicality in the chaos of city streets?