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Passion Vintage, the 7 best websites to buy online

Vintage fashion, which has become widely popular, has been booming in recent years. Whether it is for the sake of more responsible and environmentally conscious consumption, because it offers an economical alternative to fast-fashion, or because of the craze for retro style, the vintage sector continues to gain ground. Numerous e-shops dedicated to second-hand clothes have been created and are full of little marvels in noble materials at affordable prices. 

Acumen Galerie Joseph offers you its list of favorite online shops where vintage is king! 

The most streetwear 


Backed by Foot Locker, GOAT is the “safest” marketplace for sneakers, clothing and accessories. The authenticity of the pieces is verified with the dealer network. 

What do we like about GOAT? A combination of data, artificial intelligence and hand inspections. We don’t hesitate a little less to put the price on rare editions of sneakers that we missed the official sale.


StockX is really the reference for streetwear. You can buy and sell sneakers, handbags, watches and streetwear in new condition. The system works according to a specific modality: buyers place an offer on the model they want while sellers ask for a price. When the offer meets the demand, the transaction is validated. The seller sends the item to StockX (in Detroit or London), which, after checking its authenticity, sends it to the buyer.


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