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Lownn, the renewal of the menswear

At a time when fashion is questioning its model, pushed by confinement, and when some luxury brands are rethinking the rhythm of collections to set their own schedule, the independent men’s ready-to-wear brand Lownn has long been committed to sustainability accessibility and ecology.
They demonstrated that functionality and quality can be combined to create an aesthetic in its own right.

Acumen Galerie Joseph met with Loïc and Swann Joachim, the two young designers behind Lownn’s success. 

When they decided to found their own men’s ready-to-wear brand Lownn in Paris in 2016, the brothers Loïc and Swann Joachim mixed hip-hop and classical culture to create their style. Parisian, refined and creative, their signature reinterprets utilitarian men’s clothing with a contemporary approach, combining their taste for uniforms and their particular attention to detail, cuts and manufacturing.

Lownn’s founders are not men who spend hours getting dressed. This is why they pay meticulous attention to the design, form and function of every piece in their collections. 

lownn  prêt-à-porter masculin

What were your inspirations? 

Lownn is inspired by the world of utilitarian and urban clothing.

Functional and contemporary, each of our outfits is designed with a concern for uniformity and aesthetics.

We are very interested in the utilitarian style that became popular in the 1940s. Our inspiration comes mainly from the world of work, military and ordinary. We generally get our ideas from observing the everyday life of the people around us, the workers, who challenge us with their uniforms and their pragmatic side … We also love to go to military depots to find new inspiration

How would you describe Lownn’s men’s wardrobe?

Lownn’s men’s wardrobe consists mainly of utilitarian and minimalist clothing. Our primary focus is on functional, contemporary and comfortable clothing. We pay particular attention to the quality of the fabrics, the cuts, and the manufacturing process.

What was the path that led you to create Lownn?

Early on, we were passionate about fashion, and we were looking for clothes with refined and aesthetic details, and above all good quality. Not finding the right shoe for us in ready-to-wear, we had a mania for retouching the cut of the vast majority of our wardrobe, so that each piece would be as close as possible to our identity. We soon realized the success of our altered pieces, and so we decided to create Lownn, a brand with a utilitarian style that combines functionality and quality.


lownn  prêt-à-porter masculin

How would you describe the man who carries your brand? 

Our clientele is mainly composed of a male community, attracted by uniforms, a minimalist style, and in search of quality fabrics

What difficulties did you encounter in creating your brand? 

Having taken our first steps on social networks as “influencers,” our clothing style has evolved over time, supported by a male community that was particularly passionate about ready-to-wear. When we finally managed to find and express our own identity in terms of clothing, we decided to devote ourselves entirely to the creation of our brand. It was difficult to give our brand an identity that could be dissociated from our past image as influencers.

Your brand is very minimalist, urban, what does Lownn mean to you?

Lownn represents for us a functional and comfortable brand, with a contemporary and timeless design, inspired by the utilitarian, and in view of the quality of the fabrics, particularly accessible. Lownn is our means of expression and creation

When is the next collection due?

The autumn/winter 2021 collection is planned for September. As usual, we have carefully chosen the fabrics that make up the pieces for this new collection, which remains true to Lownn’s identity of uniformity.

What are the Lownn brand’s bestsellers?

Our oversized pants, coats and shirts.

What if Lownn were a city?

That’s a good question. If you had to define a city that was closest to Lownn, it could very well be Tokyo! We are very sensitive to the Japanese men’s clothing culture, both classic and modern. In Tokyo, in popular districts like Harajuku, Shinjuku or Shibuya, we see in the streets Tokyoïtes who do not hesitate to upset the dress codes, displaying looks from the most sober to the most eccentric. We are particularly interested in the minimalist and monochromatic style, as well as the wide cuts that can be seen in this city.

What if Lownn were a movie?

Playtime by Jacques Tati! The subject of modernity and uniformity evoked in this film speaks to us. The minimalist atmosphere, the monochrome spaces, as well as the uniforms, join Lownn’s universe.