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“BLUE”, a group exhibition at the Galerie Lazarew

From June 18 to July 25, the collective exhibition – B LU E – will present the work of several artists who will highlight the color blue: works of great depth that will mesmerize visitors at the Lazarew Gallery in the heart of the Marais. 

The gallery was founded by Alexandre Lazarew and his partner Laura Bresteau-de Pontcharra, collectors, but also passionate people with distinct artistic tastes who follow their instinct to present emerging artists and others already established in the community. It has been 10 years now since Alexandre Lazarew and his collaborators first allowed artworks to come to life in an exceptional place that immerses us in the contemporary subtlety of their artistic gaze.

Acumen Galerie Joseph presents you the group exhibition BLUE at Galerie Lazarew.

Heavenly blue, meditative blue, dream blue …

This color is never used randomly by artists, and the infinity of its nuances makes it a precious pigment. Blue is traditionally used to paint what is transparent, like water, air or glass, but also what is deep, deaf, silent, which makes it a color suitable for exploring the soul.

In this collective exhibition, the selected works of the artists give this hue different designs.



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