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“BLUE”, a group exhibition at the Galerie Lazarew

From June 18 to July 25, the collective exhibition – B LU E – will present the work of several artists who will highlight the color blue: works of great depth that will mesmerize visitors at the Lazarew Gallery in the heart of the Marais. 

The gallery was founded by Alexandre Lazarew and his partner Laura Bresteau-de Pontcharra, collectors, but also passionate people with distinct artistic tastes who follow their instinct to present emerging artists and others already established in the community. It has been 10 years now since Alexandre Lazarew and his collaborators first allowed artworks to come to life in an exceptional place that immerses us in the contemporary subtlety of their artistic gaze.

Acumen Galerie Joseph presents you the group exhibition BLUE at Galerie Lazarew.

Heavenly blue, meditative blue, dream blue …

This color is never used randomly by artists, and the infinity of its nuances makes it a precious pigment. Blue is traditionally used to paint what is transparent, like water, air or glass, but also what is deep, deaf, silent, which makes it a color suitable for exploring the soul.

In this collective exhibition, the selected works of the artists give this hue different designs.



This summer, at the Lazarew Gallery, you will discover 8 artists:

  • Claude Como

    the artist who puts the diversity of life at the service of the plurality of mediums, with virtuosity. Oil on canvas, resin, charcoal and ceramic are used to follow a touching process, because it is utopian, which is to invent to better understand what surrounds us and to capture the infinite possibilities that life offers us. Claude Como reflects a universal need—exacerbated in the artist—to find answers to what is beyond us.

  • Evrard & Koch

    They are a duo of French artists. These two identities, notable in fields as different as jewelry, design and sewing, combine their talents into a more remarkable entity and are at the origin of a singular work.

  • Olivier Catté

    He works with cardboard, and he is a master in the art of revealing cities in this medium. Recycled cardboard was the favorite material of Olivier Catté for 10 years: waste from the consumer society, makeshift houses for the poorest; it is a ubiquitous symbol of the absurdity of modern societies and a formidable raw material for expression.

  • Pierre Daquin

    It’s an artist whose work has been featured in prestigious public collections for decades, presents Interface: a surface on the border between two parts of matter or space. The definition given by the simple title alone sums up the complexity of the work, which has animated Pierre Daquin for over 50 years. He uses it on various flexible industrial materials (canvas rubber, vinyl, leather, canvas plastic, etc.) to reveal the invisible sides of an interior.

  • Piotr Jakubowicz

    He claims free painting, and during this exhibition at the Lazarew Gallery, he will present the intensity of a color which reveals a deep harmony and complexity, symbolic of mystery and intensity.

  • Aharon Gluska

    the Israeli artist, will present his Silent Blue series, which consists of intense and velvety blue monochrome, contrasted by the lines drawn or worked with volumes. This hypnotic series marks another step in the artist’s quest for essentials. Blue, symbol of truth and depth, invites a mysterious and silent meditation.

  • Like an archaeologist on the lookout for the signs of chance that determine his fields of research, Jacques Grison reveals striking presences nestled in the visual confusion of public spaces. These images are without intention, without thought, without gesture, and they obviously question the nature of the perceived and the photographed with an extraordinary photographic sampling technique and an exceptional quality of pigmentary prints.
  • Guillaume Toumanian

    He focuses on expressing his sensitivity, transposing his emotions through observation, listening and imagination. He uses matter, color and light to create a representation of his memory. He will accompany other artists during the BLUE collective exhibition by presenting a work of great depth and a mystifying silence.