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The Blond Cactus: a second life for antique objects

From July 2nd to 5th, 2020, The Blond Cactus opened a pop-up store. It’s at the Galerie Joseph at 16 rue des Minimes. 

The Blond Cactus  has invented a unique concept that combines plants with the treasures of yesteryear.
For interiors, the brand imagines a series of sustainable and responsible creations. They are combining aesthetics and authenticity with vintage plant objects. 

It is a new vision of vegetalization in the middle of the urban environment. It’s creates a dialogue between old object and today’s plant. 

The brand offers for sale unique pieces that involve stories, expertise and various materials: ceramics, marble or brass.

The uniqueness and stylistic richness of the decorative objects offered by The Blond Cactus are the result of delicate and harmonious craftsmanship.  

The Blond Cactus is an ode to Mother Nature, with details and dried flowers highlighted by a range of products: candles, cactus vases, floral objects, wreaths and plant creations. 

The pop-up store was a real success, and fans of dried flowers and vintage lifestyle objects were happy to find one of their favorite brands at the Galerie Joseph at 16, rue des Minimes.