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Edwart Vignot , meeting with an artist

From June 23rd to August 1st, and then from September 1st to 26th, the Gallery Guido Romero Pierini – Michael Timsit at 37 rue Chapon plays host to the creations of Edwart Vignot as he reveals works echoing and paying tribute to the old masters. Immutable are the links that the artist weaves with art from the past and sometimes even from the present. 

Edwart Vignot tells us about his creative process in a way that is as natural as it is fascinating. We never get tired of listening to him and understanding his inspirations, which he reveals to us during a captivating interview. 

On the occasion of Edwart Vignot’s exhibition “The lips exceed the meter, to better embrace the art” , Acumen Magazine met this creator of a thousand artistic facets and presents his portrait.

Itinerary of a curious child 

A former publicist who was also head of the antique drawings department at Christie’s in Paris, Edwart Vignot has had a rich and varied career. Art has always been part of his life! A collector from a very young age and a creator at heart, he has sought inspiration from other artists he admires in his new exhibition in rue Chapon. Thus, he refers to Warhol by grandly framing the McDonald’s loyalty program membership card. He also nods to Warhol with the W in his first name “Ed-W-art,” as well as to Mondrian by turning around two simple frames.

“‘White Mondrian,’ it’s a do-it-yourself Mondrian. Normally, one buys the visible side of a framed print, the front side. I saw right away that we should be interested in the back, its reverse side, a thousand times more imaginative and more beautiful.”

What is the common thread in your creative process? 

“What I like is to popularize the history of art in order to bring it to as many people as possible, to express myself as simply as possible, to make people aware of the beauty of the visible and, above all, invisible art that surrounds us.”


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