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SO CLOSE, 16 French artists gathered at the Galerie Joseph

The art exhibition “SO CLOSE” brings together the new French art scene! In one of the most beautiful galleries of the Marais at Galerie Joseph 116, rue de Turenne.

The gallery Guido Romero Pierini – Michael Timsit present the works of sixteen artists.
You will find Hugo Avigo, Alexandre Bavard, Jonathan Bréchignac, Paul Créange, Antoine Donzeaud, Marion Flament. John Fou, Cecilia Granara, Cyrielle Gulacsy, Clément Mancini, Jan Melka, Juliette Minchin, Mario Picardo, Lou Ros, Christine Safa, and Masha Silchenko.

These audacious artists explore a reality imbued with the codes of fantasy. They experiment with figurative and abstract forms through their work with different materials: ceramics, plaster, wax, glitter, oil, acrylic, resin, watercolor, glass and plastic.
Freedom of expression and creation comprising a mixture of the absurd and the playful.

The exhibition “SO CLOSE” is  astonishing  for its works with contemporary forms and singular techniques, as well as the complementarity that emerges between these distinct artists.

“The veiled palette of Lou Ros is a perfect match for the bluish plasterwork of Clément Mancini. A future life is suggested by Paul Créange’s cybernetic neon lights and Jonathan Bréchignac’s extraterrestrial samples, while Jan Melka’s calligraphic, removed line announces the pop and colorful expressiveness of Mario Picardo’s paintings. Cyrielle Gulacsy’s sun points and then glows with Christine Safa. Juliette Minchin’s ceramics combined with wax becomes floral and glazed with Masha Silchenko. With comparable pictorial energy, John Fou proposes a carnival of animals and Cecilia Granara a symbiosis with nature. Hugo Avigo and Antoine Donzeaud stage a miniature picnic and broken glasses, respectively. Finally, Alexandre Bavard and Marion Flament’s multi-disciplinary scenography stands out, as they dissect a subject (graffiti for the former and stone and fire for the latter) into a series of plastic proposals,” explains Elora Weill-Engerer, art critic and curator.

Prepare to be seduced by the visual energy emanating from the works of these sixteen contemporary artists, whose artworks create an unforgettably inspiring dynamic! 


The exhibition “SO CLOSE” is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 2.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Until July 5th and from July 10th to 23rd, 2020.

116, rue de Turenne, Paris 3rd