Chinese restaurants of the Marais

The Chinatown of Haut-Marais is one of the most popular in the capital.
From Rue des Gravilliers to Rue Volta, there is an expansion of atypical new addresses of Chinese restaurants where you can taste dishes from East Asia.

Between Noodles, steamed fish, lacquered duck, ravioli and Asian condiments, we enjoy tasting dishes that take us on a journey. You will be seduced by this gastronomy whose ingredients are airy, light, al dente, fragrant, and unique.

Acumen Galerie Joseph presents its selection of Chinese restaurants in the Haut-Marais. The right plan? A dish to enjoy with friends after an exhibition in one of our rental galleries in the heart of the Marais.

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 At Haki

Excellence manifests itself in the form of fresh noodles and Lamen with a tantalizing taste of Chinese culinary traditions.

43 Rue des Gravilliers 75003 Paris

☎️ 09  87 36 29 43




Happy and fresh will be the noodles that you will have the opportunity to taste at a low price in this restaurant dedicated to Chinese pasta.

95 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris

☎️ 01 44 59 31 22



 The Art of Ravioli

Conviviality, speed, and flavors .. More than 10 different dumpling recipes at L’art du Ravioli. Meat lovers, like vegans, will be able to taste dishes concocted in front of their eyes, amazed by the chef’s techniques.

33 Rue au Maire 75003 Paris

☎️ 01 72 38 41 14

Les artisans du ravioli marais
chez Shen marais

 Chez Shen

A real Chinese canteen, unpretentious with a Beijing atmosphere, and varied dishes.

9 Rue au Maire 75003

☎️ 01 48 87 88 07


 Pastry workshop

It is the perfect place to come and discover original Chinese pastries, without forgetting to the savory and delicious Bubble Tea, as well as tailor-made cakes.

27 Rue au Maire – 75003 Paris

☎️ 01 56 58 14 73


atelier patisserie dans le marais
Sweetea's asian fusion restaurant

 Sweetea’s: Asian Fusion Restaurant

This restaurant, located in the center of Paris, will take you on an instant trip to Asia.

Taste authentic hearty dishes, prepared with fresh products, Bibimbap and kimchi are in the spotlight at Sweetea’s. Then relax with Asian desserts with crushed ice harmonized with concentrated milk and toppings that will conquer your heart.

61, rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris

☎️ 01 48 87 81 79