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TikTok Recipes : The most viral ones

Were you at a loss for recipe ideas to impress your loved ones? TikTok came to the rescue.The new food planet is on the social network that has taken hold of foodies around the world. With simple, delicious, and highly instagrammable Tiktok recipes.

Acumen Galerie Joseph has selected four recipes which have seen their popularity explode, prepared with ingredients that we all surely have. Thanks to TikTok, new culinary trends are within everyone’s reach.

Dalgona coffee

The hottest coffee on the web. A few weeks ago, he revived the content of all the it-girls who began to share the recipe.


  •  3 c. instant / instant coffee 
  •  3 c. tablespoon of sugar (you can put less, in any case, especially not more)
  •  3 c. hot water
  •  1 cup of milk (cow or vegetable)
  •  Ice cubes


1- In a bowl, pour the coffee, sugar and hot water.
2- Whisk the mixture with a mixer (or a whisk in hand) until a smooth, airy and thick foam is obtained.
3- Fill a glass or a cup of ice cubes to halfway
4- Then fill with milk to 2/3.
5- Spoon your creamy, airy and thick foam with a spoon. Do not hesitate to sprinkle your Dalgona Coffee with spices (cocoa powder, cinnamon, etc.)