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Show me your Instagram feed, and I’ll tell you who you are !

Since its creation in 2010, Instagram has made a phenomenal impression on the world. The social media site has more than 1 billion active users per month, and almost 500 million per day.At this stage, it is certain that there will be no turning back, since such a success is always pushing forward and evolving with the creation of new Instagram functionalities.

Photos, videos, stories … users are seduced and motivated to share the best photos on their Instagram feed. Like Youtube and other platforms, Instagram has grown a significant number of users who create content and dream of getting rich and living on their accounts.

Everyone can improvise as a photographer, from fashion bloggers with sophisticated feeds, and comedians with multiple videos, to globetrotters who make us dream with pictures of landscapes in dominant colors.

Acumen Galerie Joseph shares with you its selection of applications and tips to create a feed that suits you.With images that follow a vision that you have chosen, and that will inspire your followers.

The Best Apps to Edit Your Instagram Feed

You want to add energy to your photos! We share with you the most practical applications to edit your images and videos to have the perfect feed.

In addition to color palette, exposure, contrast, filters, and saturation, editing is important. We have chosen the best so that you can communicate effectively.

VSCO CAM: Increase the quality of your feed

This photo and video editing tool is free to use and makes all the difference.

VSCO is one of the apps that took over Instagram. It allows you to create great photos at any time.

It’s both a platform for editing your photos and a social network. VSCO should be at the heart of any Instagram marketing strategy, for influencers, brands, and any other company that wants to stand out, share and highlight its universe.

A second lapse from an in shot video

Edit videos for your feed with INSHOT

Inshot is probably the best application that adopts the codes of social networks. With its simplified interface, it is easy and intuitive to use.

The application offers you the choice of many formats; some are specially adapted for publication on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.

InShot does things well. Depending on the orientation of the videos chosen and the type of editing to be done, you can choose to zoom or adapt the video to the ratio applied. But above all, to customize the type of filling between background, color and blur, everything is adjustable.

You will have a good view of your timeline to allow you to modify and adjust the selected clips, or all the videos imported into the editing. It is also possible to add text and stickers, to adjust each soundtrack proposed in the Inshot library, as well as the speed.

The app is free, but you can still subscribe to get all of the content in InShot Pro.

feed instagram original avec PICSART

PICSART: Unlimited personalization of your photos

It’s the most underrated app in the game, but PicsArt deserves to be known by anyone looking for a photo filter application offering maximum personalization possibilities. It is an intuitive interface with high performance of its artificial intelligence.

It provides access to a large number of effects, filters and retouching tools to correct defects, stretch lines or embellish by changing skin tone and hair color. PicsArt brushes are an easy way to add new elements, and they allow you to create collages with your photos.

PicsArt can be used for free for an unlimited period. There is also PicsArt Gold, the premium service with more features.


Instagram feed avec photoshop express

PHOTOSHOP EXPRESS: A powerful experience of editing

You can indeed use PhotoShop on your phone!

Although the app doesn’t have all the functionality of the software, it does offer a powerful editing experience that gives you a lot of control over the appearance of your images. Thanks to handy tools like defect removal, which lets you remove unwanted details from your photo with just one touch, it helps to streamline the heavy workload normally associated with the software.

You also have access to several settings, filters, and options that are hard to find elsewhere.



Tips for a rhythmic presence according to your tastes:

To establish an effective presence on Instagram, the key is to fill your account with attractive visuals, which clearly communicate your identity, your brand, your message or values.

But it is certain that if you are not a professional photographer, it’s important to follow a certain publication rhythm to engage your subscribers and create a community.

  •  Consistency and rigor are the watchwords of your strategy to generate and update your feed with inspiring content.
  •  Choose a theme that fascinates you. Minimalist, monochrome, a feed with vibrant colors, pastels, with vertical or horizontal lines … creativity has no limit on Instagram, so there is no need to hesitate.
  •  Organize your feed using applications such as UNUM, allowing you to organize and preview your feed. It helps you to check if your photos are harmonious on your profile before publishing content.