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Sergey Kononov in the Lazarew Gallery

The young painter Sergey Kononov returns to the Lazarew Gallery from March 6 to June 13, with twenty paintings marked by great maturity and a unique personality, in an exhibition calledLe Printemps.

Galerie Joseph presents the painter Sergey Kononov and his inspirations to create Le Printemps.

Back to the intimacy with artist Sergey Kononov

After his first exhibition at the Lazarew Gallery in 2016, the Ukrainian artist Sergey Kononov is back for a fourth presentation of his art works.

Currently in the 5th year of the School of Fine Arts in Paris, Kononov is one of the most promising Ukrainian artists. With several group and other personal exhibitions, his career promises to be flourishing.

The painter took the time to make a real introspection on a personal and pictorial level, thus refining the contours of an already very significant personality.

The aerosol has been definitively abandoned in favor of an exclusively oil painting, he has reduced his palette, and his scenes are painted with minimal decor on monochrome backgrounds.

2019 also marks the meeting in November, in Florence, of Sergey Kononov with the major work of Sandro Botticelli, Le Printemps. Beyond all the symbolism of this painting, the artist was fascinated by the power of the contrasts between deep greens, purple fabrics, and the infinite nuances of naked flesh. A revelation that feeds this new series, yet is actual. The particular lighting which seems to surprise his characters, is reminiscent of he supernatural light which detaches the figures of Botticelli from its backgrounds.