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The best online sport courses to take at home

The good resolutions for the year 2020 have been put aside by some because of the pandemic. However, we have to look on the bright side since we had the opportunity to get back to basics, and to take care of every part of our body. Including following sport courses to stay in shape by taking online courses at home.

We are freshly free and we hope that like will get back to normal , but certain places are still closed like sports clubs.

Galerie Joseph offers its selection of the best sport courses to follow from home, to upgrade your capital form despite the imposed closure.

 Between online courses, sports applications, and Instagram accounts, we give you all the tips. You may miss the gyms, but with our knowledgeable advice you will be able to keep up. And you’ll enjoy taking the time to get some fresh air and take care of yourself every day.

The best sports apps:

We found the best apps to continue your sport routine from home. It’s time to discover new disciplines with 4 applications with suitable exercises  for everyone.

Go beyond your limits with FREELETICS

This German application is available in 160 countries and translated into 10 languages. It’s intended for all those who want to go beyond their limits.

Based on several degrees of intensity, the workouts are multiple and varied. The strong point of Freelectics? The personalization of its connected workouts, such as the number of days we want to train, our cardio and weight training goals, our sports accessories, our environment …

It is even possible to have nutritional recommendations.

Freelectics is an application that will revive your muscles at full speed, to keep your body active and healthy.

PUMA X FizzUp full training

The partnership between the FizzUp application and the Puma brand is a real success. Its free access to the premium coaching service during the quarantine has attracted many sport lovers. More than 300 exercises are offered, as well as the possibility to follow your progress. 

The application offers challenges to excel yourself, and around 250 recipes specially adapted to your practices. You will surely get back to track in a short time.

The best of yoga and fitness with the ASANA REBEL APP

5 themes are proposed: burning calories, increasing your power, gaining flexibility, improving your balance and learning to relax.

With a hundred workouts that allow us to optimize our practices that we put aside during quarantine, such as running, biking, or cycling. The user is guided by videos and an encouraging voice, we quickly fall in love with our daily meeting with Asana Rebel.

After exercise, comfort with INSCAPE

This application is a real success in New York, as it rises to the top of the downloads of the sport lovers of “the big apple”. Inscape initiates meditation with unique programs, such as Breath Work, breathing exercises to strengthen the mind, calm down, or gain energy. In fact, there are playlists of original sounds, which vibrations balance the body, mind and emotions.

Online Courses in Parisian Sports Clubs

Several sports clubs have taken the initiative to continue to move their members, as well as their non-members, by offering sports videos on their social networks and websites. The good news ? You will be able to take courses initiated by professionals and free for most of them.

“This may be the end of procrastination and this is the right time to get into action, inner action, action for oneself. “

The Factory Sport Club: Cardio and Good Healthy Advices

A distance program that makes the members of this sports club present in several districts of the capital. In particular near the atypical spaces offered for rental by Galerie Joseph for all kinds of events. Between a visit to a showroom and a small sports session, your days will be very productive.

But in the meantime, the Factory offers sophisticated training by the club’s coaches. Cardio training, yoga classes, Pilates sessions, as well as a full body program, and weight training. The factory intends to keep us in shape with lifestyle and nutrition advices, also offering healthy recipes for detox.

Discovering New Practices at the Tiger Yoga Club

Between sophrology, relaxation & Yin Yoga, and Vinasya flow, or readings and naturopathy. The Tiger Yoga Club gives you an appointment on its Facebook page through its videos which remain online. We can watch them over and over again, to train and progress in our yoga practice, whatever the time.

In addition, the Tiger also offers its Yoga Play application, more than 200 videos of 5 to 60 minutes available offline. With Ashtanga and other sessions, you will be surprised at the diversity of these practices which will allow you to discover activities that will do good to your body and your mind

Neo-ballet with the Parisian Studio Fitballet.

Located in Rue Hauteville, the Fitballet studio offers online courses entitled “Train like a fit ballerina”. The opportunity to discover a hybrid discipline that mixes the elegance of classical dance, and the laid back of fitness. To build the body and shape of a real ballerina. Octavia Escure, the founder of Fitballet, wants her lessons to be accessible to everyone, and even for children.

The little opera rats will surely have to behave

Instagram Accounts to Follow for a Clean Body and Mind

La Montgolfière is the trendy sports club in the capital with 2000m² since the 19th century.

This club was formerly a factory of hot air balloon. Today, these are floors where sport unfolds through spaces with a vintage atmosphere, as well as Healthy Food, music, art and well-being. While waiting for the opening of this place that fascinates sport lovers and art in the heart of Paris, the Instagram account of La Montgolfière doesn’t give up. With videos of lessons given in the club rooms, between training, animal move, stretching, yoga or even Pilates, the schedule will seduce you. Visit the Montgolfière Instagram to discover this unique place.

The Instagram accounts of fashion, perfume, design, restaurant and hotel brands learned the game of lives on social media.

We find the french brand Ba&ash that shares lives with naturopaths. Sézane and Madura Decoration offer Barshape sessions. Wild and the moon yoga sessions and healthy recipes. In addition to Holidermie which introduces us to Super Food, as well as The Alchemist Atelier with lives about perfumery and the well-being that it proffers. The Atelier nubio offers Fitballet lessons, BRACH PARIS and the Terrass Hotel Yoga sessions with professionals and so many others.

True wealth is what we have within us. With the pandemic, it became necessary to take care of your body and have a healthy make sure to clean your mind.