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The Best Podcasts While at Home

“Tell me what you’re listening to, I’ll tell you who you are.” 
Podcasts are the new Eldorado, because today we are no longer asking What are you watching? But instead we ask What are you listening to?

This new way of listening has grown enormously, and all subjects are covered. It’s characterized by transgenerational use. Since listening to a podcast has become an activity that appeals to all generations, women and men. For several years, podcasts have successfully evolved, and their multifaceted aspect is one of the reasons. 

Being a podcaster has become the new profession that keeps everyone intrigued. Content creators, fashion’s magazines, such as ELLE and Vogue. Also radio shows such as France Culture, and even designers, influencers, and public figures have succumbed to it.

The themes cover everything from fashion, culture, art, design, politics etc. Every taste Is pleased. 

Galerie Joseph would like to present its selection of the best podcasts to listen to with no moderation. In quarantine, this new tool will allow you to escape, while educating yourself.

Fashion Podcasts, Where Great Minds Meet

Since 2016, this new phenomenon has imposed itself on all fronts.

And today, talking about fashion with Kim Jones, Nelly Rodi, and the CEOs of the biggest brands. Also  young entrepreneurs is the challenge of fashion podcasts. They have flourished on new listening platforms. This is an opportunity to go behind the scenes of this industry. As well as analyze our relationship to clothing, new trends, and technology. The big fashion professionals respond to the questions that remain unanswered. 

CHIFFON: The Pioneer of Fashion Podcasts in France

The journalist Valérie Tribes was the first in France to create a podcast dedicated to fashion.

Chiffon comprises interviews with personalities who bring new ideas to her podcast. You may hear men, women, creators, sports stars, musicians, and writers. Some are known and some are not. All ages and all the experiences have passed behind the pioneer’s microphone, for spontaneous interviews where they talk freely about their relationship with clothing and an extension of subjects related to fashion.

You can listen to Anna Dello Russo, editor-in-chief of Vogue Japan, and Julie Marlene Perlissier, head of sustainability communications at H&M France. The brand notably closed Paris Fashion Week in one of the Galerie Joseph showrooms in the Marais with P.E Nation: A collaboration that was presented in the immersive Studio 7 Bachaumont to reveal new eco-responsible sports outfits.


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