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The Love of Art has no Limits for Ange Monnoyeur

Art is a mirror and it will keep saving the world.
For Ange Monnoyeur, art is necessary to keep hope alive! And to thrill the emotions of those who contemplate the heterogeneous art works of the artists she represents.

In 2019, she created Ange Monnoyeur Gallery to satisfy her desire to promote artists. To whom she gives wings after allowing them to hatch.

She made a personal contribution to art in France after studying in California.

Her dream? Reinvent the movement of a gallery, the simplicity of the exhibition. Mostly the visibility of artists, the experience of visitors, fans, and art buyers.

Acumen Galerie Joseph had the opportunity to talk with a passionate woman. Who lives by the passion that transcends her, and paints a portrait of Angel Monnoyeur for you.

Ange Monnoyeur Gallery, the project of a passionate woman

She wanted to surprise, to amaze, and she insists especially on the verb to dream.

Since her childhood, Ange Monnoyeur has been immersed in artistic creation.

“Surrounded by a father, a great lover of art and dance, I have always lived around works of art, furniture, and objects that transmitted to me the taste for beauty with an artistic perspective. “

Nothing intended her to be the curator of a project like “Ange Monnoyeur Gallery”, since she studied dance in California. Failing to become a dancer on Broadway, she devoted all her efforts to reinvent the traditional gallery. Where the nonexistence of the movement had to be questioned to allow better visibility for the artists, and to give more dynamism and depth to the exhibitions. So with several strings to her bow, she decides to create her own gallery.

What is the purpose of an art exhibition for you?

“I always needed to create something spectacular by organizing an exhibition a bit like an event. You have to be able to present the work of an artist with a non limited imagination, with a scenography, a visual event that highlights the artworks. An exhibition should amaze, surprise the customer while encouraging them to buy. It must be an event in which we will discover an artist every time; and understand his work better, and his techniques, while remaining spectator but buyer. “


Ange Monnoyeur was notably present at one of the Paris art events: Paris Art Fair. Where an audience of art lovers, professionals, directors of institutions, and collectors meet to learn about new trends in contemporary art, and to buy works presented by galleries.

“It’s also a gift for the artists, to be Recognized and be present at these art fairs. An exchange between the Gallery and the Artist.

It’s very dynamic, eclectic and it takes you out of your comfort zone in terms of your usual networks. It also reinforces our artistic choices, thanks to the eyes of new customers. “