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SALON PRECO PARIS: Interview with Jean Marie Quenault

Discovery, Sharing and Passion! These are the words that come to mind when we think of the Salon Préco Paris. As this is one of the must Attended events of the year in the textile industry.

Fabrics all over, and raw beauty that makes all the difference. The entire fashion sector is questnning their future after the pandemic.  Salon Préco Paris came in time to save this year.

So on July 15, 16 and 17, 2020, the optimism of the textile industry will be at its height. Three exclusive dates when representatives of European fabric manufacturers will meet in the heart of the capital.

The Salon Préco Paris is an event focused about creative exchanges. A real opportunity for fashion players! It is dedicated to the presentation of pre-collections of weavers to designers, product managers, buyers, and fashion brands.

Acumen Galerie Joseph had the opportunity to discover the vision of Jean Marie Quenault. The precursor and organizer of the Salon Préco, through an exclusive interview.

Fashion in its raw state at the Salon Préco Paris

Effervescence and creativity are at the center of attention. The fabric is king, and the weavers are the most glorious.

The eminence of Préco Paris is essential this year to restore a new ounce of beauty in the world.

“The fair is the result of a reunion of textile agents in association. Allowing them to offer in a single place the possibility of seeing a lot of pre-collections in a short time. Préco Paris was the precursor of this concept in France. Followed some time later by the Blossom salon of the Première Vision group. “

The fabric is the primary object of the Salon Préco! Placed on a pedestal during the Parisian event to seduce European textile agents.

« The fair gives exhibitors the opportunity to meet the majority of their customers in a very short time. But also to have the opportunity to meet new ones. The visitors who come to Préco Paris are all fashion actors who need real materials. » 

The textile sector is growing, between innovations and new trends. And obviously ideas are flourishing and fabric manufacturers are renewing themselves.

“The last Préco Paris Show was for the Summer 2021 season. The trends are manifold because we cover a very large textile sector! But what comes out is that the actors in the textile industry are more and more sensitive to ecology. “

During the Salon Préco Paris, Galerie Joseph welcomes a large number of designers at 116 Turenne, the epicenter of this unique event.

What do you think of this collaboration with our galleries located in the Haut Marais?

“The collaboration between Galerie Joseph and Préco Paris is atypical, and outside the framework of a usual business, the founder of GJ knows the textile world very well, and especially the constraints and imperatives. Without his precious help, Préco Paris would never have been possible. “

Galerie Joseph 116 Turenne will be the nerve center of the meeting between professionals who highlight their expertise. And who, for three days, appreciate different materials, colors, assemblies, and textures.

The fair organized during the month of July is a new start in the health situation. Despite this, the world has nothing to do! The fabrics remained cloistered for a long time. In summer, they will appear again to be exhibited, and present in a full program . It will take on a breathtaking scale to showcase meticulous, catchy and undoubtedly essential work.


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