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The 5 most iconic design creations of all time

For the reopening of The Vintage Furniture store at 51 Turenne in the Haut-Marais in Paris. Galerie Joseph would like to present its selection of iconic creations that have made history in the world of design. From contemporary to retro style, the forms show over time new materials. Sometimes new colors, a way for these pieces of art to reinvent themselves without being forgotten. 

Design will make a comeback after quarantine, and major design events, like Paris Design Week. It will soon refresh the atmosphere of the capital with the new creations of so many talented designers. Now let’s get into the most iconic design creations to make our spaces more stylish and brighter.

The PK22 armchair: a beauty to find at The Vintage Furniture

The elegant discretion of the PK22 lounge chair sums up and crowns the work of Poul Kjærholm, guided by the constant search for the ideal form in the context of industrial production.

The PK22 chair was an immediate critical and commercial success. 

In 1957, the armchair won the Grand Prix at the Milan Triennial, the most prestigious prize in the design world.

Kjærholm’s career accelerated considerably thanks to this distinction. Then he became an internationally recognized designer on the design scene. The PK22 is available in wicker, fully upholstered in canvas, or in leather.

With its light silhouette, the PK22 armchair will make a remarkable entry into your space and will not fail to bring a nice touch of style.


 The Egg Chair: The most emblematic furniture 

Borrowing the shape of an egg, the Egg Chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the Radisson Hotel in Copenhagen, a hotel for which this interior architect and designer also designed the interior. This iconic piece is celebrating its 62th anniversary this year. Arne Jacobsen worked many hours in his workshop to find the perfect seating curve, which was enveloping enough to create a pleasant sphere of intimacy. The Egg Chair is available in a wide variety of fabrics and leathers and would look fabulous in a living room and even in a public space.

THE PK61 Coffee Table: a smart structure, available at The Vintage Furniture 

The PK61 coffee table is a minimalist piece. 

It’s made from by the hand of Poul Kjærholm. Despite the extreme distillation of the structure into a set of identical elements, the square and aesthetic design has the force of a manifesto and shows the evolution of Kjærholm, an industrial designer and furniture creator. The four basic elements are connected by screws, which gives the table its unique appearance. The removable tray illustrates the creation creed of Kjærholm, which is to use gravity to hold the elements in place.


In the 1960s, the design world experienced a period of creativity. The Castiglioni brothers actively contributed to its evolution with the production of rational, humorous objects, furniture and lighting. Arco is  inspired by the urban street lamp. The idea was to make a lamp which behaves like an elevated lamp and illuminates a space from above without being hung from the ceiling. Arco ruled the chic interiors of the 60s, appeared on television sets and in the movies, and it also appears in many James Bond movies!

We like it because its lighting is perfect for reading, working and dining.

We also appreciate its large dimensions, as well as its sculptural form, simple and elegant.

 The Alvar Aalto Vase: The Bestseller of Design

The Alvar Aalto vase was developed in 1936 by Alvar Aalto.

This organic designer endeavored to bring man closer to nature through everyday objects. He also drew the contours of the vase while being inspired by the leather dresses of the women of Laponie. Its undulation recalls the contours of a puddle and is a departure from the vases with symmetrical shapes made until then.

A true poetry of forms and a beautiful creative approach.