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Valéry Demure: A Lover of Jewelry

A piece of jewelry is an accessory that gives strength to its wearer. It is a work of art whose symbolism has evolved over time. This is the vision of Valéry Demure, who created her agency based on her passion for this new artistic form. 

The Valery Demure agency offers its expertise to a large number of creators and designers, who are all faithful to their desire to create jewelry that reflects their values ​​and principles.

For several years, Valéry Demure’s brands have been presented in showrooms and boutiques in Paris, New York and London, as well as major fairs dedicated to design, art and fashion. It’s a new conception of eclectic and accessible jewelry, proposed by new designers for the pleasure of knowledgeable and sophisticated customers.

Galerie Joseph has chosen to paint a portrait of this woman with an assertive taste. For eight years, she has been investing in our atypical spaces in the Haut-Marais to present to the different creators with whom she collaborates.

Valéry Demure: A Lover of Jewelry

Valéry Demure is known in the field of luxury jewelry and accessories for her discerning eye. Founder of her eponymous agency, as well as her e-shop, she loves unusual objects and in particular jewelry, which, for her, brings intense emotions to those who contemplate and wear them.

Thanks to her agency, she was able to introduce and promote creators in a selective market like jewelry. 

The preferred areas of her agency? Public relations, communication, sales, and brand strategy.

She selects the work of designers and represents them. It is the uniqueness of her choices and her knowledge that allow her to make decisions motivated by her sensitivity to jewelry.

“My selection is determined by my personal taste, by my instinct. I don’t present creators if I do not like their work and, of course, I like to represent creators in a relationship of mutual respect, trust and dialogue. My personal taste is very strong; I know very quickly if I like something or dislike it or I don’t care. I am very passionate and decisive,” she told us during the interview.

Valéry Demure is the curator of her conceptual project Objet d’Emotion. She reveals that it was born out of a frustration with the distribution of her brands in boutiques and department stores. She didn’t feel in tune with their way of doing things, which did not highlight her ethical choices. She launched Objet d’Emotion two years ago. 

“I have understood in recent years that my talent is in my very unique curation and my consistent promotion of the designers with whom I choose to work. So Objet d’Emotion is a project that is very close to my heart. It is a labor of love!” Valéry begins a dialogue with women and men passionate about jewelry, objects, design, art and beauty. “Everyone has an intimate sense of Beauty.”

Objet d’Emotion is an essential reflection on appreciation, consumption and experience.

For several years the collections she promotes have been present in the atypical spaces of Galerie Joseph during Paris Fashion Week and PAD Paris, the great art and design event for amateurs and seasoned collectors, where historic and contemporary design objects, primitive arts and precious jewels rub shoulders: a true Eldorado that allows her to share her favorites with a knowledgeable clientele, collector, or clients simply looking for something else that’s available in stores.

“These are fairs that bring us a knowledgeable clientele, and allow us great visibility. We create with great pleasure a beautiful scenography too. We can offer a more artistic, more specific curation. We can offer unique creations, very artistic jewelry that would not have an exhibition space otherwise. The stores now no longer take any risks and all present the same brands. Hence perhaps a weariness on the part of customers. Fairs such as the PAD are very inspiring and will be increasingly successful.”


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