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Paris Design Week, creativity in the heart of the capital.

From 03 to 12 September 2020, Paris will experience an unrivaled creative frenzy. Since the long-awaited back-to-school event will be there. Paris Design Week will be held in the heart of the capital. To reinvent, again, and this for the 10th edition the world of design.

An essential meeting for all French and international actors in the world of creation. To whom Paris will offer to see the best of trends and design innovations.

Galerie Joseph offers atypical rental spaces located in the Marais. We will discover young designers during the Parisian event.
Our Gallery had the immense honor of being in contact with the director of Paris Design Week. And also director of Maison & Objet partnerships, Franck Millot.
He shared with us his vision of PDW, which aims to exchange know-how. As well as sharing, and celebrating design, culture, art, and fashion.
A unique adventure that aspires to new energy.


Paris Design Week has been welcoming the creative effervescence of creators and emerging designers for 10 years. And this in the Parisian districts, for an informed public and design professionals.
The goal of this hectic week is to allow designers and professionals to meet, find outlets, and collaborate. As well as keeping the public informed, who want to have a broader vision of the design scene in Paris. To stay on top of new trends.
The 10th edition of Paris Design Week is a kick-off, a big restart given the health situation that we are going through.
The situation is unprecedented. It had quite disastrous consequences on important events in the world of design and culture.

Despite this long pause, the world only has to stand, because giving time to artists and designers allows them to create ambitious projects that allow all fans of design to project themselves into a future in which creation will reign.

Creativity is the essence of Paris Design Week.

“The ability to reinvent yourself is a talent. specified Franck Millot. This is what I admire in this profession. The fact of knowing how to continue year after year the work of research and creation, and of being amazed by the constant renewal of a vision, of an expression. This is what is wonderful in the creative trades ”

It is also a culminating meeting point. As well as an event which continues for two weekends. To discover exhibitions and installations, aiming to share creative energy with the general public.

Several days to multiply the meetings according to an extensive program: open houses, workshops, exhibitions, private visits. Over 200 events produced in Paris, the nerve center of creation.
Where the diversity of materials, concepts, ideas, representations are laid bare before the amazed eyes of art lovers.

Paris Design Week is a unifying event during which the whole city reveals young talents who exhibit their countless creations. A transversal vision of design, and that in the broad sense.
From the creation of designer furniture, to interior architecture, decorative art, fashion and gastronomy. A bet held for a decade, and which continues.

Jasper Zehetgruber Nicole Reijerman

The revival of the Design event of the year.

To participate in Paris Design Week is to benefit from a unique visibility during the Parisian start of design. In addition, The human dimension will take on great value this year, digital is nevertheless important.
But after two months of confinement, rediscovering people, places, pushing the doors and enjoying seeing Paris will be wonderful. Moreover, it is the goal of each visitor during Paris Design Week, this edition will take on a special flavor.
Paris is an international springboard for young designers. The event inspires committed and creative movements. The exhibition of design talents will take on a new dimension this year. A talent factory that will flourish in the heart of the Marais.


Formerly called OFF, the new dimension is now called the Paris Design Week Factory, explained Franck Millot. It is the epicenter of the PDW, which was organized during previous editions in “La cité de la mode et du desgin ” in Paris. Then then settled in Ground Control at Gare de Lyon.
A roaming which continued until the rue vertbois, which was invested, so that the exhibitors show their new collections to the general public.

For the 10th edition, it’s the move.

The PDWF moved to the Marais, at 116 Turenne, and the Froissart gallery, in collaboration with Galerie Joseph.
Our spaces are available for rental for all types of events. Fashion showrooms, art exhibitions.
This year our galleries are, as Franck Millot confirmed, the epicenter of the 2020 edition.

We will find design schools, young publishers, designers, design professionals, new talents, remarkable exhibitions that will enjoy a great diversity. And who will take advantage of the spaces made available to them by Galerie Joseph.

The young American design scene was highlighted last year at Paris Design Week. The previous edition focused on the Lebanese scene. In September it will be the turn of African design. The whole continent will be represented by a hundred designers in the Haut Marais.
Young creators will be there in the Galerie Joseph spaces to welcome their audiences.

Africa is a country with countless resources. Emerging designers are born with a different vision of art and design. This year is exceptional and will allow them to regain strength. As well as creating in order to amaze us throughout this event.

CADRAN by Anaïs Junger & William Wantz

3 spaces dedicated to design in the Haut Marais.

Galerie Joseph will be an incubator for great talents. It will give these young people the opportunity to meet design professionals.
3 places are invested to allow these new meetings.

The Froissart space will exhibit the Rising Talent Awards. The whole African continent will be in the spotlight. A single place that will give the young African guard as a whole the opportunity to come forward in September.

116 Turenne will make its unique space available to French and foreign design schools. To present a selection of the creations of their young graduates.
Each course will be able to illustrate, specify its DNA and present its ideas. Former students may possibly exhibit.
In the gallery, a series of lectures produced by Chantal Hamaide will be presented with designers and architects. In partnership with Mini cars. A “Mini Living” studio will record the lectures live and play them back in the form of a podcast.

Common spaces, the place of the age of reason. It is so named because the designers who were selected from the Rising Talent Awards in previous years: Americans, French, British, and Chinese will come back to explain their work.
We will know what has become of them. It is an opportunity for professionals and the public to meet and learn from them. Paris Design Week has followed them throughout their careers. And each year we observe a great maturity.

“Constraints give birth to opportunities. Habits that will remain. And we will be able to draw what is positive from this experience”

This is what Franck Millot assured us. Despite the current situation, the goal is not to mope, but to think of the future with a capital F;

Rachel Marks work

(RE) GENERATION: the theme of Paris Design Week 2020

An initiative was launched during confinement by Paris Design Week with the Paris city hall and the Paris workshops. A call for projects for designers, who will offer outdoor installations throughout the capital. In the courtyards, in the gardens …
20 project proposals have already been sent. We can see that there is a desire for everyone to project themselves into the aftermath. Young designers want to express themselves and wish them luck. Because their ambitions will allow this great event to continue to exist.

And today, as already for 5 years, emerging talents are caring about a subject that rallies all opinions on its side: sustainable development. All industries are on the lookout for innovations. Besides, the public as well as the creative ones, and professionals are looking for new resources in design and material.

“This is a hot topic which highlights the dysfunctions of a globalized system. Where we realize that going to seek resources on the other side of the planet is not viable.” According to Franck Millot.

This is why the theme of the year is RE-GENERATION. It is above all a strong study conducted by the trend office NellyRodi for the 25th anniversary of Maison & objet.
As part of Paris Design Week, the channels association will present the achievements of the companies it supports as part of its exhibition, the circular booster.
A new way to support projects that have a positive impact on the planet and society. As well as engaging with millennials who want to move the lines. Then to upset the codes of consumption in the home and the art of living.

We hope to reinvent things ..

The regeneration theme came in time. Because we say that the exit from the crisis is the time to reinvent things. To reshape a lot of the way we function and create. Hoping that this theme will be taken up by many participants of the Paris Design Week and that it will be illustrated through their creations.

Paris Design Week is an appointment not to be missed, in incredible places in Paris. A new page that turns. And Galerie Joseph will be pleased to welcome you to its atypical spaces in the Marais.