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Paris Design Week, creativity in the heart of the capital.

From 03 to 12 September 2020, Paris will experience an unrivaled creative frenzy. Since the long-awaited back-to-school event will be there. Paris Design Week will be held in the heart of the capital. To reinvent, again, and this for the 10th edition the world of design.

An essential meeting for all French and international actors in the world of creation. To whom Paris will offer to see the best of trends and design innovations.

Galerie Joseph offers atypical rental spaces located in the Marais. We will discover young designers during the Parisian event.
Our Gallery had the immense honor of being in contact with the director of Paris Design Week. And also director of Maison & Objet partnerships, Franck Millot.
He shared with us his vision of PDW, which aims to exchange know-how. As well as sharing, and celebrating design, culture, art, and fashion.
A unique adventure that aspires to new energy.


Paris Design Week has been welcoming the creative effervescence of creators and emerging designers for 10 years. And this in the Parisian districts, for an informed public and design professionals.
The goal of this hectic week is to allow designers and professionals to meet, find outlets, and collaborate. As well as keeping the public informed, who want to have a broader vision of the design scene in Paris. To stay on top of new trends.
The 10th edition of Paris Design Week is a kick-off, a big restart given the health situation that we are going through.
The situation is unprecedented. It had quite disastrous consequences on important events in the world of design and culture.

Despite this long pause, the world only has to stand, because giving time to artists and designers allows them to create ambitious projects that allow all fans of design to project themselves into a future in which creation will reign.

Creativity is the essence of Paris Design Week.

“The ability to reinvent yourself is a talent. specified Franck Millot. This is what I admire in this profession. The fact of knowing how to continue year after year the work of research and creation, and of being amazed by the constant renewal of a vision, of an expression. This is what is wonderful in the creative trades ”

It is also a culminating meeting point. As well as an event which continues for two weekends. To discover exhibitions and installations, aiming to share creative energy with the general public.

Several days to multiply the meetings according to an extensive program: open houses, workshops, exhibitions, private visits. Over 200 events produced in Paris, the nerve center of creation.
Where the diversity of materials, concepts, ideas, representations are laid bare before the amazed eyes of art lovers.

Paris Design Week is a unifying event during which the whole city reveals young talents who exhibit their countless creations. A transversal vision of design, and that in the broad sense.
From the creation of designer furniture, to interior architecture, decorative art, fashion and gastronomy. A bet held for a decade, and which continues.


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