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Books you have to discover to escape

Reading is the best way to fuel your imagination, and to slow down.
Now is the time to immerse yourself in this dusty pile of books. If you can’t travel or walk through galleries or museum aisles, there are still books. New formats that tell the world through words, and images that boost you.

Today Galerie Joseph shares with you his selection of books to read since time is not running out anymore

.During containment, several platforms offer access to books and e-books for sale, or for free. The idea is to reconnect with literature, and to escape from our daily lives, by allowing it to create a liberating air during quarantine.

The book for the Parisian girl who takes responsibility

“Older, but Better, but Older”. The new book co-signed by Caroline De Maigret. The Parisian, and ambassador of the house Chanel, whose style is always noticed during Paris Fashion Week, is always present during major events in the capital. Moreover,she is often found in Paris showrooms, exhibitions and unique places dedicated to fashion, art and design. She is a woman who takes responsibility and advocates art in all circumstances. We could see her strolling through the alleys of Paris, taking pleasure in visiting the pop-up shops in the Haut Marais, where Galerie Joseph offers spaces for rent durring Paris Fashion Week.

Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas made observations with humor to write “Older, but better, but older”. Chapters that evoke the passing of time, and good tips for self-determination. The bestseller of the Parisian who is not afraid to take a wrinkle.
Pages follow on the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery, as well as the playlists we still listen to, from Nirvana to Fugees. Without forgetting the Parisian addresses whose decor is still frozen, which is not the case for all.
This book is a success because it is overwhelmingly benevolent. It makes us want to believe that time has no impact on our mind. Whether it be youth or old age, what matters is our vision of the world, and the life we ​​want to lead.

“You know things are not the same as before when you wake up in good shape and everyone tells you how tired you look…. “

Iris Apfel, icon despite myself: The autobiography of a great fashion lady.

We rush to devour the autobiography of fashion icon: Iris Apfel. She is 97 years old, and is nicknamed the fashion bird. Because she has reigned over the worldly and ultra-creative New York since the 1950s. The big lady with XXL glasses was successful at that time by founding the textile company Old World Weavers.

“I refuse to become an old lady. I have awarded myself the record for the oldest teenager in the world and I am determined not to change anything.”

Iris distills her style and lifestyle advice, while talking about her incredible journey through twisting anecdotes and poignant confessions. Between the launch of her jewelry and ready-to-wear collections, while bringing her expertise in design during the repetitive redevelopment of the White House according to the wishes of its successive presidents. A work full of impulsiveness and sincerity that reads like a guide to shine, certainly to survive in society.

La peste d''Albert Cmus

And if we listened to the books ..

Audible offers audio books for those who want to feel the emotions when they are told stories.

Listen to Albert Camus’ plague because quarantine requires it.

Sales of Albert Camus’ book “The Plague” have increased since confinement. Because each tragedy brings us back to the most symbolic works in the history of literature.

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks in November 2015, French publishers saw sales of Paris est une fête, by Ernest Hemingway, soaring. After the Notre-Dame fire, it was the turn of Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo. It’s Albert Camus’s turn to be a resounding success.

The 1957 Nobel Prize winner tells of Oran’s confinement during a plague epidemic in the 1940s. He paints a picture of what a society can become when a drama occurs and takes away its fundamental freedoms. When the first patients succumb to the disease, and the authorities decide to confine the Oran population. Among those who are fighting to fight the epidemic. Those who wish to flee it. Then others who get used to it and try to accomplish daily tasks that give meaning to their lives. and those who see it as a divine curse.

“The inhabitants, finally freed, will never forget this difficult ordeal which confronted them with the absurdity of their existence and the precariousness of the human condition.”

The plague tells a drama that is topical. Besides, like Albert Camus one wonders if the man is ready to devote himself to save his hope. Or does he think first of himself and his loved ones. Such an event can make us grow or simply expose the worst human failings.
A novel that reminds us that we are human by the simple act of reacting, waiting, loving or suffering.

Le livre de joseph mitchell

Direction New York with Old Mr Flood: Stop breaking my ears

Released in February 2020, this fiction tells the depths of the city and its amazing characters. An ode to fly away from your couch.

Joseph Mitchell, has been living in New York since the 1930s. He became a reporter for the NewYorker, writer, and pioneer of literary journalism.
Stop breaking my ears painted in a series of texts. Portraits of several characters from the time of the Great Depression. You can see the youth, its enthusiasm, its hangover and its imprudences. Everything he then tried to hide. There is an evident maturity in the choice of subjects and an omnipresent disillusioned humor.
We immediately recognize the trademark of the portraits of Joseph Mitchell.
This empathy for his neighbor, even when the latter is crazy to bind. From an anarchist publisher to the owner of a Bowery cinema. From the description of the antiques of one of its favorite bars in Manhattan to the inventory of speakeasy of prohibition. Without forgetting Baseball players in winter underwear. A whole gallery of colorful characters.

“I think that in terms of conversation, the most interesting representatives of the human species are anthropologists, peasants, prostitutes, psychiatrists, and also some bartenders”

Les livres gratuits chez la fnac

500 digital books to discover thanks to the FNAC.

The French have been confined to their home for a few weeks. While many cultural structures do their best to keep them entertained by providing services without them having to go out.

This is the case of FNAC, which has decided to put 500 books online in digital format, free of charge. It feels like the right plan for followers of literature. Internet users who wish to discover or reread certain works will be able to afford without spending a single penny of hundreds of writings.

Classics, comics, cook books. News from Stephen King, to the educational collections “For Dummies”, all kinds of books are available on the FNAC website. Just connect to your tablet, computer or smartphone to have access to great literary works.