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Books you have to discover to escape

Reading is the best way to fuel your imagination, and to slow down.
Now is the time to immerse yourself in this dusty pile of books. If you can’t travel or walk through galleries or museum aisles, there are still books. New formats that tell the world through words, and images that boost you.

Today Galerie Joseph shares with you his selection of books to read since time is not running out anymore

.During containment, several platforms offer access to books and e-books for sale, or for free. The idea is to reconnect with literature, and to escape from our daily lives, by allowing it to create a liberating air during quarantine.

The book for the Parisian girl who takes responsibility

“Older, but Better, but Older”. The new book co-signed by Caroline De Maigret. The Parisian, and ambassador of the house Chanel, whose style is always noticed during Paris Fashion Week, is always present during major events in the capital. Moreover,she is often found in Paris showrooms, exhibitions and unique places dedicated to fashion, art and design. She is a woman who takes responsibility and advocates art in all circumstances. We could see her strolling through the alleys of Paris, taking pleasure in visiting the pop-up shops in the Haut Marais, where Galerie Joseph offers spaces for rent durring Paris Fashion Week.

Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas made observations with humor to write “Older, but better, but older”. Chapters that evoke the passing of time, and good tips for self-determination. The bestseller of the Parisian who is not afraid to take a wrinkle.
Pages follow on the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery, as well as the playlists we still listen to, from Nirvana to Fugees. Without forgetting the Parisian addresses whose decor is still frozen, which is not the case for all.
This book is a success because it is overwhelmingly benevolent. It makes us want to believe that time has no impact on our mind. Whether it be youth or old age, what matters is our vision of the world, and the life we ​​want to lead.

“You know things are not the same as before when you wake up in good shape and everyone tells you how tired you look…. “


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