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Bail Art, a company to invest in art

Money should never curb your passion for art. This is Bail Art watchword. A leasing company of works of art that has successfully established itself in the long term with companies and collectors.

Bail Art democratizes investment in art. Because art is often perceived as something elitist whose access depends on a certain knowledge and above all on certain means, not everyone feels concerned.

For a few years now, the company has proposed its services to galleries, but also during art fairs. This offers new possibilities to the public of fans, who can more easily bring art into their interior. A real revolution in the art market, since it becomes accessible to everyone.

Galerie Joseph has chosen to present a portrait of this expanding society under the lights of Clara Pagnussatt, in charge of the partnerships with galleries.

Leasing to bring art into businesses

Bail Art was created in 2009, at the initiative of Edouard Challemel du Rozier. For the entrepreneur, love for beautiful things is a family affair. “I have always been an art lover, my parents introduced me to it when I was young.” An ambitious businessman, he embarked on this project some ten years ago. He teamed up with three friends, also art lovers, to mount Bail Art.

But just what is the purpose of this type of society?

When the three partners embarked on this large business in France, leasing was then exclusive to the automotive sector. At the same time, however, in England, they observe that the principle is common in the art world. This is their starting point, and they will give themselves the means to reproduce the model on our territory. Bail Art is today the leader in France in the leasing of works of art, far ahead of its competitors.

Their primary objective: to bring art into businesses. They find that companies have large spaces that they do not necessarily take advantage of. Why not use these workplaces to exhibit works, for example? On the one hand, this would enhance artistic creation. On the other hand, to educate the public about any form of art.

At the same time, companies enjoy particularly attractive tax advantages which allow them to encourage the introduction of art into their spaces. By offering this art rental service to companies, Bail Art intends to make a difference.

Bail Art is a partner of KAZoART, an online art gallery that brings together nearly 20,000 works of artists for prices ranging from € 100 to € 30,000. Together, they strive to bring art into business. Give character to its offices and simpler access to art while reducing its taxation: this is the objective of the partnership established between KAZoART and Bail Art”.


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