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Julia Haumont, portrait of a passionate artist

We live in an era where artistic diversity and the infinite plurality of practices and trajectories end up bringing together a large number of artists.The expansion of contemporary creation creates a vast utopia around the desire and curiosity aroused by the work of each artist. Those who meet, recognize themselves, and commit. To act in favor of a scene that draws its essence from the influence of certain artists that we had the honor to exhibit in our galleries.

Julia Haumont is an artist among those whom Galerie Joseph welcomed in one of its atypical spaces, available for rental, dedicated to art in the Haut Marais. It was during the Decade exhibition, which brought together nine artists, that her creations were presented. Her work reflects a fragility, a sensuality, and a lot of determination.

Galerie Joseph, the reference for space rental in Paris, paints a portrait of a woman artist with a thousand and one techniques.

Harmonious work that stems from an old passion

Julia Haumont likes to remind that her work is inspired by her family, her childhood. Part of her life which she transcribes in her works in order to distort them. While keeping soothing forms that remind her of the infinity of her childhood.
A past that nourishes a present. Through which she extracts through her ceramics, her busts, her porcelains, her compositions and her engravings a melancholic delicacy.
The artist is a graduate of the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in the capital, and in Shanghai.

It was in 2009 that a box containing photographs of her as a young child, resurfaced. And thus allowed her to reclaim memories. While giving it power over a playful childhood that rhymes with innocence, modesty, exhibition, intimacy and seduction.

She began to draw, then to paint. Julia realized that engraving and sculpture allowed her to carry out works in which the sensory space is made up of materials specific to childhood. She created figurative, real that feeds on her own memory.

Before embracing sculpture and making it a profession, her sensitivity for matter and fabric was already present. Due to her studies in fashion design and her passage to the school of the Parisian sewing union chamber.

A passion that she abandons until the day she returns to textiles. So develop its own techniques. Two techniques that emanate from a certain sensitivity for fabric and material.

The fabric, and the ceramic.

Fabric she loves, for the transparency it brings to her. She tears it, unpacks it, sews it up, embroiders it, and makes it an accessory. The latter is essential and materializes as her work adjusts.
Ceramics allow her to impose her work. Through this delicate medium, it emanates fragility and strength, while using delicate material.

Camille Paulhan, art critic and historian, described the artist as follows:
“Julia Haumont says she likes the techniques that allow one to freeze one material on another: etching, embroidery, dyeing on canvas, enameled ceramic . However, nothing heavy in her work, but a disconcerting fragility mixed with determination”


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