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5 decorative objects to brighten up your interior (1)

Galerie Joseph’s rental spaces in the heart of the Marais are exceptional places that combine originality and authenticity. In fact, the capital hosts the biggest Parisian events every year for fans of style, art, and decorative objects. The galelery isn’t excluded, and makes available the rental of atypical places in the artistic district of Paris.

In this time of quatantine, Galerie Joseph wishes to offer you its selection of decorative objects that will revive your interior. By soaking up the work of the designers that our 20 legendary spaces in the Marais have the honor of exhibiting and which are cataloged on The Vintage Furniture.
Our vintage furniture sales site where you can find a large selection of decorative objects. Lighting and decoration created by talented Scandinavian designers.

The Vintage Furniture

It is the specialist in Scandinavian design and offers for sale some of the most incredible pieces in the history of Scandinavian design. He sells some of the most incredible pieces in the history of Scandinavian design, online and in these stores in Paris.

Some creations are famous for their originality and their quality. Many art and design lovers covet them because they represent an incredible story and beauty

Scandinavian design art has been appreciated by all for decades. And Galerie Joseph is delighted to welcome historic pieces to its unique spaces in the Marais. While offering them for sale online and in its unusual places in Paris.
Galerie Joseph offers decorative objects that will make your interior a place where life is good.

Arne Jacobson “The egg chair”

The Egg chair was born in 1958, thanks to an exceptional project by the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.
The designer is committed and has the mission to make the building but also imagine, create and arrange its interior.

His vision and innovative ideas allowed him to give birth to the famous Egg Chair. It gives a contrast and a touch of modernity thanks to its round and warm forms, and a revolutionary modernist style of design at the time.

The intimacy is at its peak, with the Egg Chair like a bubble in which one would come to take refuge. The egg is the most restful and reassuring place for a newborn baby.

The Egg Chair created by Arne Jacobsen embodies elegance and originality in a building with a straight and linear line. The designer used a technique that allows undeniable ergonomics and comfort during its use.

Decorative objects Des vases en gré - Carl Harry Stalhane

Carl-Harry Stålhane: Stoneware vases decorated with brownish glaze

Carl-Harry Stålhane is one of the most renowned representatives of the famous Swedish ceramic design of the 20th century. He is well known as the artistic leader of Rörstrand in the 1960s. His name is synonymous with high quality ceramic, beautiful creative design and brilliant craftsmanship. Stålhane is represented at the Swedish National Museum of Art and Design.

These objects are unique, they are stoneware vases decorated with brownish glaze. Small touches of happiness, sobriety, and great elegance. They give a natural touch to the interior of a room. They will dress the furniture with modernity. Their Scandinavian design gives an impression of purity, which we need in this period.

These vases follow forms and codes that still cross the ages.

Objet déco: Arne Jacobson

The vintage decorative object of Arne Jacobsen

Danish designer and manufacturer, is part of a line of creators famous for their genius and inventiveness. His works, still sold all over the world, are the very emblems of the Scandinavian modern style of the mid-20th century. Today, we are ripping off our furniture in stores around the world.

A pendant lamp, in white lacquered metal.

We want light, the sun does not often appear in our interiors, and we would like to be moved in a light that stirs us.
The simplified design and the metal gives a touch of modernity which goes very well with the pieces of all kinds to give a warm and sharing atmosphere.

decorative objects: la paire de chaise de Rud Thygesen et Johnny Sorensen

Rud Thygesen and Johnny Sørensen’s Chairs

Rud Thygesen and Johnny Sorensen are both Danish designers of the 20th century. They worked a lot together to create some of the most beautiful Danish designer furniture. They are best known for their laminated wood pieces.

Some others of their creations are now exhibited in the museums of Copenhagen, Oslo, London and the Museum of Modern Art in New York and In the atypical rental spaces of Galerie Joseph, which promotes art in all these forms . These unique spaces are located in the Haut Marais and are available for rental for all types of events and exhibitions.

A pair of Rud Thygesen and Johnny Sørensen chairs,

Scandinavian furniture, with a raw texture. Its chairs survey fine and elegant corbs. Go perfectly with any room in the house.
Chairs that rhyme with comfort and functionality, elegance and charm. A Scandinavian design that will revive the interior of those who choose to procure such beautiful creations. The natural will be a source of inspiration and the containment will have no effect on those whose interior is invigorated by its beautiful sleek chairs.

decorative objects : Le tapis Ruffakan

Ruffakan carpet: The 1950s up to date.

A yellow background with red and green patterns.

A carpet in warm colors that revive the room where it is arranged. The latter creates a warm space and highlights the furniture and decorations around it, while dominating the room, giving it an impressive dynamisque thanks to the shapes and patterns adorned in the carpet.

This carpet represents an air of freshness, and warmth in this period when each confined person needs to be reassured, and what could be better than an original creation which reminds us that the diversity of styles and originality are values to convoy to allow us to be reinvigorated.