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3 Fashion advices to survive during quarantine

Quarantine or not quarantine, we promise not to fall into the size of a fabric that is far too comfortable. By letting go of fashion advices that would help us not to neglect his wardrobe, in favor of a jog that was just waiting for your forties to take the lead and stick us to the skin.
Galerie Joseph has more than 20 spaces for rent for all your art, fashion and design events. Located in the marsh, our rental rooms welcome you to the heart of an artistic district of Parais. And today we offer you 3 fashion advices to survive confinement. We promise to stay on top of the beautiful things that inspire, cultivate, and motivate us. So that fashion remains a dazzling universe, the secrets of which will soon be part of our personal enrichment in this period of confinement.

It is not uncommon to think that we will get used to never going out. That we will remain confined and that fashion will only be a beautiful story from the past.
Our fashion advices is there to keep you away from your gloomy clothes.

Containment can sometimes be tiring and stressful. Today Galerie Joseph offers a selection of good fashion advices to recharge your batteries and take care of your mind. While living in the present moment, by accepting a temporary restriction of liberties.
We all know it. Good fashion advices can save our lives and keep us in touch with a passion that has no interest in abandoning us.

Get inspired by the greatest to be in the middle of beauty

Fashion shows are canceled, Galerie Joseph’s showrooms in the Haut Marais are closed, but will soon be back. This doesn’t prevent us from taking advantage of these days of isolation to discover or watch fashion shows and documentaries.

Next in fashion:

Do you have Netflix? You no longer know what to watch? We have the solution, Next in Fashion is a reality show. It consists of a styling competition.
Professional stylists are chosen from across the globe to compete in tests with various themes. This competition is fierce and everyone wants to win the attractive price offered to the winner.

The show is hosted by quirky duo Tan France, and Alexa Chung who recently launched her eponymous line. A collection which is inspired by the New York and Parisian style at the same time, with an Anglo-Saxon influence. She chose our Galerie Joseph showroom at 7 Froissart to exhibit her gold mine.

Wonder boy an authentic and touching documentary.

Olivier Rousteing artistic director of Balmain, has lifted the veil on his private life.
This documentary tells how this creative beloved of the biggest stars on the planet felt alone and isolated in his quest to find his biological mother. He tells of his exceptional journey, between a fallen childhood and an empire in which he reigns as one of the great kings of fashion.


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