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Online concerts to enjoy during quarantine

Since the start of the epidemic, countless concerts have been canceled. The whole world is confined, nevertheless the music still resounds between our four walls. Many artists have decided to meet their fans on social media to follow their best online concerts during the quarantine.

Music gives new life to the heart, and melodies are multiplying on the internet. From home, you can watch sessions by French and international artists. Between online concerts and shows, the opportunity not to lose hope in this trying quarantine.

We offer you our selection of the best online concerts, and shows to follow on the web, for keen ears, and music lovers in quarantine. Because the Artists continue to make us live unique moments despite the quarantine. And we fall directly under the spell of these.

Galerie Joseph promotes art and originality. Between rental of unusual spaces, and other exhibitions in the Haut Marais. It goes without saying this time to offer you, during your quarantine days, online concerts that will allow you to continue to enjoy occupations that turn out to be simple and fulfilling. All this through expanding platforms that accompany us all during quarantine.

Arte online Concerts: They will melt your heart

Arte offers its Arte concert platform: free, and open to everyone.
First on the website you can attend the most historic concerts of the last decades. Everyone will find their happiness, since Arte concert offers its visitors to choose the style of music they prefer.
Between Pop Rock, Metal, Jazz, blues, classical music, and others,. Fans of the scene will not fail to fall on the visual. In addition to the feeling that it provides to see his favorite artist while being elated.
You will find a concert by ABBA, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Tina Turner, Iggy Pop, and so many others, who will rekindle your hope and delight you.