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Online concerts to enjoy during quarantine

Since the start of the epidemic, countless concerts have been canceled. The whole world is confined, nevertheless the music still resounds between our four walls. Many artists have decided to meet their fans on social media to follow their best online concerts during the quarantine.

Music gives new life to the heart, and melodies are multiplying on the internet. From home, you can watch sessions by French and international artists. Between online concerts and shows, the opportunity not to lose hope in this trying quarantine.

We offer you our selection of the best online concerts, and shows to follow on the web, for keen ears, and music lovers in quarantine. Because the Artists continue to make us live unique moments despite the quarantine. And we fall directly under the spell of these.

Galerie Joseph promotes art and originality. Between rental of unusual spaces, and other exhibitions in the Haut Marais. It goes without saying this time to offer you, during your quarantine days, online concerts that will allow you to continue to enjoy occupations that turn out to be simple and fulfilling. All this through expanding platforms that accompany us all during quarantine.

Arte online Concerts: They will melt your heart

Arte offers its Arte concert platform: free, and open to everyone.
First on the website you can attend the most historic concerts of the last decades. Everyone will find their happiness, since Arte concert offers its visitors to choose the style of music they prefer.
Between Pop Rock, Metal, Jazz, blues, classical music, and others,. Fans of the scene will not fail to fall on the visual. In addition to the feeling that it provides to see his favorite artist while being elated.
You will find a concert by ABBA, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Tina Turner, Iggy Pop, and so many others, who will rekindle your hope and delight you.

Lou Doillon Singer

Online concerts on Instagram: The curtain is up

Several artists have been confined, the whole world is at home. But that does not mean that life stops. Let art dissipate in the depths of our memories. We continue to love and appreciate its artists who have given themselves as main mission to bring to life unique moments. For the pleasure of fans in front of their screens.

Some take the guitar, others move with their microphone in their hands, and dance in their living rooms. To communicate joy, kindness, interest and above all hope.
They are famous, there are many. And in a period of confinement they will surprise you by interpreting the most beautiful songs from their repertoire. Enough to renew your playlist.

Lou Doillon

An icon, a romantic that we idolize. She looks like Jane Birkin, her mother. On her Instagram account, she shapes reading sessions and especially music for her subscribers. And this every evening from 5 p.m. Lou Doillon will smile at you, move you. You will spend a moment of pure happiness and delicacy in putting in your listening field such a soft and fiery voice.

Christine and the Queen.

She is agitated, she sings, she dances, and above all remains united and close to her fans, just as much as you are from your sofa. Besides Her goal is to send love messages, starting at 6 p.m. every night. The composer-performer will deceive your boredom.


We all dream of attending one of their magical concerts. Today you can do it from your living room, as well as listen to their iconic tunes. This is why The singer of the group: Chris Martin is to be followed closely.

Several other artists perform their best songs, for the pleasure of their fans. We find in particular Neil Young, John Legend, Jean Louis Aubert, Matthieu Chedid and many others who will revive your musical ears. And allow everyone to see beyond their confinement conditions.

Rolling stones magazine is also launching its Instagram account for virtual concerts, in the presence of the most iconic artists in the music industry.

Opéra de Paris

Opera of Paris: Breathtaking shows!

To the delight of spectators who love opera performances. Galerie Joseph has found your happiness. Since the Paris Opera, in partnership with CultureBox, offers you free broadcasting of the great opera classics from the archives of this majestic institution.

The websites of the opera and Culturebox put online, and this since March 17, a proposal of several shows available 6 days. Then renew their offers with more and more and authentic shows, and so on jus ‘in May.
We will find shows such as swan lake, until April 5 The barber of Seville until April 12, Robbins evening until April 19, The Hoffman tales Until April 26, and The Paris Opera will end in beauty with Carmen until May 3.
An opportunity not to be missed, and exclusive meetings that will boost your mood until the end of quarantine.

Je reste à la maison Festival

Online festivals, failing to declare the festival season open.

Quarantine required, the slightest distraction is welcomed with open arms by some. Failing to attend, under the sun at concerts that erect our deep passions. We will attend a series of concerts from our sofa, this is now possible.

Sofa Festival 

The Festival is organized by Warner Music France, and in partnership with the Fnac brand. The latter will take place on 2,3 and 9 April. We will find big names of the music scene, including Alain Souchon, Gautier Capuçon, Hollysiz, Tessa B, Bris Way, or even Lea Paci. We’ll all have the opportunity to wiggle in our pajamas.
On the program: musical sessions, Pop, Rock, Classical, and Urban for thirty minutes, then a quarter of an hour of question / answer with the artist. A call for donations is also organized to support the nursing staff in their fight against the coronavirus, and this in favor of the foundation of the Paris hospitals – Hôpitaux de France. If the experience tempts you, don’t hesitate to run on the spot in the direction of a string of music.

Festival I stay at home: From the artist’s house to yours.

From April 1 to 7, the virtual festival live on Facebook offers live performances by several artists. From their home, the musicians in question will not fail to dazzle you, the choices will not fail. All spirits will meet according to moods and styles, to make you live online concerts.
Hugo Barriol,, Bro, Isaac Delusion, Oxmo Puccino, Yael Naim, Tim Dup, and others will rock your walls to the taste of your musical desires.

Montreux Jazz Festival

The Festival also offers 50 concerts from its previous editions in free streaming, artistic artists will offer you a beautiful moment of music and emotions, Ray Charles, Jonny Cash, Nina Simon, or Deep purple will be there.