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Fashion influencers to follow during quarantine

We are still there, the confinement is far from over. It is inflquite normal to lose patience, and to think that we will be bored until the end.
Except that Galerie Joseph has prepared some surprises for you during this quarantine period. to avoid spending your days moping in front of the sun which taunts your desire to be in a bright mood. Galerie Joseph, owner of 20 atypical spaces for rent in the Haut Marais for all types of events, offers a selection of fashion influencers to follow.

In these extenuating circumstances for the professional activities of some. Fashion influencers find themselves in an unprecedented situation. They thus seek to reinvent themselves, and to continue their activities by proposing to their communities on Instagram, YouTube, and others, entertainment to revive a happy mood. They allow those who follow them to stay in touch with their favorite personalities.
Galerie joseph has been on the lookout for social networks, to share with you an expansion of feel good fashion influencers accounts. For those who want to have fun, learn, and stay in shape. Then those who wish to spend some time in different universes, which grant each of them journeys and meetings through platforms which prove very useful in this time of confinement.

KATIE ONE: Contagious happiness on Parisian rooftops

Named after Ketevam Giorgadze. Blogger Katie.One grew up in Moscow. As with some, the City of lights made her dream, and has settled here for a few years. She aspires to beautiful things, to live her dreams, and to show a romantic and whimsical vision of her personality.

Her account brings together a panoply of precious advice on the French art of living. Her 473K subscribers are delighted to contemplate her splendid shots that she often shares of a Paris that transcends and dazzles us. Ketevan enjoys strolling the streets of Paris, skimming its splendors, drinking wine, reading the newspaper, admiring and sharing a sunset.
Keteevan is not just a blogger, but also an entrepreneur. She created her jewelry brand which she named: Katie one Paris. Pearls, and vintage inspirations revel on the skins of those who are seduced by Katie’s creations.
The influencer is full of creativity, and every day of confinement in Paris is a celebration. She does the show with her husband from their balcony. And dance to a catchy playlist. And as a backdrop, a typically Parisian balcony. To maintain the link with its many subscribers, she will not fail to surprise you.

Noholita Influenceuse Mode.

NOHOLITA: One of the fashion influencers who believes in her dreams!

Camille Callen Aka Noholita, is a fashion influencer. She is present and active on several platforms. Between Instagram, Youtube, and now Tiktok. The young Bordeaux girl and Parisian at heart is expanding her empire and attracting more than 800,000 subscribers.

Her blond hair gives off an aura, and a strong, passionate and energetic personality. She clashes with sublime and stylish shots, which she shares daily on her Instagram feed. In good touch with everything, her taste for fashion, beauty, and design mixes elegance and radiance.
Her thing: her effortless dressing room, which mainly consists of light dresses, wide pants, and streetwear pieces.

She shares on her blog, her decorative inspirations, her favorite pieces, her tips, her travels, and her collaborations with the most attractive brands.

During quarantine, she does not hide her anxieties, but makes sure that she is always close to her community. Noholita has just bought a new apartment, and sets out on a mission: to give the best advice for a chic and bohemian decor. Share healthy recipes, and get back into sport. Her daily life is inspiring, and breathes spontaneity.
Noholita infuses positivism, and what could be better during this quarantine period than a wind of freshness in the ordinary of this influential young woman’s life.

Sofya Benzakour Influenceuse mode

Sofya Benzakour, one of the greatest fashion influencers to follow

She is one of the most charismatic and gentle influencers in vogue in this world of influence.
Sofya Benzakour is an architect by training, but has been able to pursue her dreams and collaborate with the biggest luxury houses. Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, and others rush to see her present during their fashion shows. She has chic, and you fall directly under her charm.
She is also the creator of the Bohemian brand “Bahaar” which promotes Moroccan craftsmanship. Between gypsy dresses and beach tunics, light camisoles, she wants to inculcate the myth of finesse, beauty, and elegance through her line of ready-to-wear and accessories.

Sofya has never hidden her desire to create her own universe and to share it on her blog which she named: The color of the moment. And that to benefit her 124k subscribers on Instagram and some on Youtube. She delivers her looks, her travels, and her good humor.

Quarantine hasn’t been an obstacle for this dear Sofya, since she keeps being positive. Also, she shares her favorite pieces, some for spring, others for the summer season. Her daily playlist is a must, and her comforting and healthy dishes are to be followed to the letter.
This beautiful Parisian overflows with kindness, during this delicate period, humans need it.

Gabrielle Caunesil Pozzoli, or the sincerity of a committed woman

Gabrielle Caynesil Pozzoli embodies Parisian chic and has quickly become emblematic within the influence industry. She is known for her captivating content motivated by her sense of style, her smile and, above all, her daily life. In which she reveals her professional projects, her advice, her memories. She is the essential reference of influencers.
Today Gabrielle Caunesil is a recognized model. Moreover, she can be found regularly in magazines such as Vogue, GQ, or Grazia, and this internationally.
She is a fashion guru, and the Parisian is what we call a touch of everything. And that for the great pleasure of her 1 million subscribers, who stroll between stories, and a feed, which exudes lightness, sincerity and above all commitment.

In one of her interviews for the new Obs, she insists on considering social networks as a communication tool to highlight positive content. Committed and fighter, she fights for ecology, for awareness of mental illnesses and women’s rights around the world.
Gabrielle Caunesil also developed a 100% made in Italy clothing brand a few months ago called “La semaine Paris”. The Instagram account of her brand offers a full calendar every week. Gourmet recipes, beauty tutorials, inspiring reading lists, yoga or meditation lessons with coaches … the weeks go by but they are not alike. Something to keep having fun, all from home. And that’s all we like.

In this time of quarantine,  she shares sweetness on her dishes, humor on her stories, commitment to the unicef italy, and guarantees a fantastic positivism.

Jonathan Bertin a budding photographer

Jonathan Bertin is a photographer. He has been flying on his own since 2016 after creating his business. His specialization? The world of travel and lifestyle.

His Instagram, which has more than 95k subscribers, reflects his vision of the world. A vintage and old school aesthetic emanates from these photographs. Between modernism and a return to the sources of the image. It shares with its Internet users clichés in which there reigns a feeling of realism, and of stupor which goes beyond the gaze that one can bring to them.

The containment gave Jonathan ideas, by challenging his creativity, he launched the “creative containment” challenge. To encourage all those who follow him on YouTube to express themselves artistically, while staying at home. Then share their inspirations with the hashtag #creatorconfined on Instagram.

Jonathan notably had the opportunity to exhibit his photos of New York in partnership with the brand Devred. A French ready-to-wear brand, which dresses men in style. From the suit to the Devred shirt, including jeans, sweater, jackets and other accessories.

The strength of the brand and the photographer were highlighted in an exhibition in one of our galleries in the Haut Marais, at 16 Minimes. A space in the heart of the cultural and artistic pool of 340m², spread over 3 levels. The exhibition in this atypical place offered for rental, allowed them to make their mark. While benefiting from a singular liveliness, that of a popular district, where the spaces of Galerie Joseph host the most awaited events throughout the year.