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Top 5 Applications During Quarantine

It’s March 15, 2020, and we are live from the Élysée Palace. Like many neighboring countries, the President of the Republic announced to all French people that the country is entering quarantine for a period of two weeks. Public places are closed, and time outside is limited. Certain establishments remain open only for essential purchases. The coronavirus crisis is gradually taking hold across the entire world. This is an unprecedented situation which has created an anxiety-provoking climate and disrupted our daily routines. While the Executive Office has just extended the confinement until April 15,  Galerie Joseph offers a selection of useful applications to overcome this exceptional period.

Despite this unfortunate situation, it is important to understand how lucky you are! You are living a happy and healthy life, but also have the amazing opportunity of living in a time when the Internet and social networks are booming. The number of applications available are multiplying daily. Even if you do not pay much attention to applications, they are very useful during this quarantine period.

Galerie Joseph has prepared a list of its top 5 applications to use during quarantine. These include applications that allow you to stay connected to your loved ones, to the most specialized grocery stores that deliver products directly to your home.

Houseparty : continue your aperitifs with friends and family!

Friday evening marks the end of an overloaded week. What could be better than a cocktail with friends to relax, or a good glass of wine and some tapas? Have you forgotten this sacred ritual? Absolutely not! Who said that confinement had to be associated with loneliness? 

Houseparty is a free application that allows you to keep these precious little moments. If you can’t find yourself in your usual bar, let your friends sit virtually in your living room. The application is free and downloadable on smartphones and computers. It is truly one of the best quarantine applications!

 Create your account in one click, and it’s in your pocket. You can find your friends from your phone’s contact list or from your Facebook account. Once you’re ready, send as many invitations as you want! To top it off, the application allows you to create discussion groups of up to eight people. Houseparty provides you with a moment of relaxation, which will make you forget the quarantine and prolong the aperitifs! 

Netflix Party

Netflix Party : keep going!

You know Netflix, we don’t doubt it for a second. But have you heard of  Netflix Party ? For a few days, the famous platform has provided its subscribers with a new feature. 

This free add-on can be downloaded from your Google Chrome BrowserFrom the installed program, there’s no need to touch anything! Video playback immediately synchronizes to group chat. You just need to launch your program, click on the “NP” logo, which gives access to a sharing links, and send it to your friends.    

The idea of ​​this extension allows users to watch movies and shows while staying remotely connected with their friends and family; because Netflix is, above all, the epitome of a community of fans. With Netflix Party, we continue to watch our favorite series and latest films added. But above all, we can react in real time with loved ones while watching our favorite programs! Another feature is a tool that allows the whole group to pause at key moments in the plot, chat in real time, and continue watching.


Epicery : bring your local merchants to life

Shopping is one thing, but continuous support to local commerce is another. In this period of crisis, local merchants are affected as much as other small businesses in the tertiary sector.  

With Epiceryyou can continue to do your shopping serenely while doing a good deed. The brands, which vary depending on the district, offer the freshest products: fresh vegetables, butchers, cheese makers, fishmongers, wine merchants, and much more. The best part is that the service is fast, and the goods arrive on your doorstep the same day. This approach is very ecological, because the deliveries are made on foot, by bicycle, by scooter, or by electric vehicle.*  

No more excuses! 

*Deadlines may be extended during this quarantine period.

La Belle Vie

La Belle Vie: a delicatessen at your doorstep

Who said confinement means you must have bland mealsWith  La Belle Vieyour taste buds will no longer be in turmoil. La Belle Vie offers a large selection of ultra-fresh products, tasting cheeses, artisan pasta, and much more. The site also offers a catering service, with a selection of healthy and tasty products. This is definitely one of the best applications in this period of confinement! The products are delivered the same day. 

The service is open 7 days a week, from 8:30 AM to 10 PM Monday through Saturday, and Sunday from 11 AM to 7 PM.*

*Deadlines may be extended during this quarantine period.


Jow : We Take Care of You!

If the idea of ​​cooking enchants you, this application will brighten your day!

Jow makes your life easierDepending on your cooking preferences, it offers free simple recipes to make at home to delight your familyDepending on your choice, your basket fills itself with all the necessary ingredients. 

Choose the brands you prefer, click on “home delivery, and you’re doneEnter the number of people in your household, select your diet (vegetarian, vegan, no pork, gluten-free, dairy-free), the equipment you have (oven, microwave, cooker, etc.) and let the application guide you!

And why not let your children or spouse help you prepare delicious meals!?