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The best online courses during quarantine

How to occupy all of our days by educating ourselves during this confinement which seems so long to us?
  Galerie Joseph does not just offer rental spaces in the Haut Marais for events, showrooms, or pop-ups. Today, he offers the best online courses during quarantine, and this for free for some. Indeed, several platforms allow the best online courses while in quarantine to be free in several artistic fields. Between the best online courses of photography and fashion lessons, quarantine will only be pleasant for art and culture enthusiasts.

Master Class: Learn from the best in the world

The teachers who make the world dream, have decided to give time to those who want to instill disciplines. And for those who want to evolve in a world that resembles them.
MasterClass is a website which includes a variety of courses given by personalities and experts from each field.  Among other things, $ 16.67 / month for a creativity and leadership course shared by Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue). The latter will be a wonderful pleasure.

MasterClass offers a variety of courses: some dedicated to music and entertainment, writing, design, photography, fashion. And others around cooking, movies, filmmaking, sports, politics, business, games, etc.
Students 2.0 find themselves in front of creatives, artists, chefs and others.
We can find Natalie Portman for acting lessons. Annie Leibowitz for photography. Gordon Ramsay for cookery lessons. And David Lynch on creativity and cinema.
And so many others that will tip everyone’s imagination into a body of knowledge and creative appropriation.
We evolve in these times of confinement towards things that will allow us to flourish at the end.


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