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The best cultural activities during COVID-19.

Containment is particularly difficult to manage. Consequently, we often find the time long. And that between two films, and a few episodes of series, the occupations are not often there. This is why Galerie Joseph offers a selection of cultural activities during Covid-19, which will not allow boredom and nostalgia to encroach on your morale and your desire to learn. Galerie Joseph is privatizing spaces in the Marais, right in the middle of the capital. Today, Galerie Joseph is a forerunner of good educational and cultural plans during the confinement of COVID-19. So that everyone can get an education and spend pleasant days.

Frida Kahlo’s interactive exhibition.

A few months ago, Google launched its Google Art Project platform. It allows thousands of curious and art lovers to visit many museums. Thus, the platform provides the most precious and interesting cultural activities that can be offered to us. This by entering the precincts of the largest exhibitions. Google gives access to about 550 institutions in 50 different countries, all for free. Currently, one of the biggest exhibitions on the life of Frida Kahlo and her works: “Frida Kahlo: appearances can be deceiving” is held at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.

Google Art & Culture has not only posted a retrospective on the iconic Frida Kahlo.
But each of her works is accompanied by sharp deciphering by art historians and other specialists. In addition, each user can use the “ART CAMERA” function to zoom in on the work and see hidden directions. And some things that we wouldn’t have especially noticed and understood during a simple physical visit to the museum.

An adventure in the bowels of the most fabulous works of Frida. Because the young plastic artist with polio had trained herself in painting. And thanks to this immersive exhibition, we are able to come back and immerse ourselves in the world of Kahlo. Find out more about his relationship to love, the body, politics, infidelity. And the different obstacles that she experienced in her life.
In these times of confinement because of the Covid-19, discovering the works of Frida Kahlo is an inspiring experience. Because the artist has used all the positive and negative things that have happened to her in life to boost her creativity and create sumptuous works. The latter will remain anchored in the history of art forever.

The most impressive museums to discover online

During containment, COVID-19 will not lock our mind. Galerie Joseph therefore offers rental spaces in the heart of the most artistic district of Paris. During this quarantine period, it guides you through visits to all the museums around the world, which are available on the internet, via referenced catalogs or virtual visits. Among other things, discover collections, treasures and universal archives, and this always in partnership with Google Art & Culture. It feels like you’re there for real.

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts in New York

This doesn’t date from confinement because of the Covid-19, since since 2014, the MET has been digitizing its collections, and classifying them on its site by theme for a fluid visit. We thus find ephemeral exhibitions and some permanent ones. And this for the pleasure of art lovers. it also makes more than 400,000 images of works available for download available.
One of the most unique cultural activities. A real trip into art between Henri Matisse, Egyptian art, guitars, Women’s Month …
Exposures are not uncommon, and boredom will not be a watchword during confinement

The Palace of Versailles

Closed doors and closed cultural places, it is the turn of the Palace of Versailles to open its galleries for an interactive stroll. Between the royal apartments and the gallery of mirrors, passing through the Queen’s hamlet, the haven of peace shaped by Marie Antoinette, the gardens, and the numerous fountains, no corner is forgotten.

For free access to the virtual exhibitions, we carefully revel in the 200,000 works of art listed and commented on the château’s site.

The New York Museum of Modern Art

Over 200,000 works, some 80,000 of which are already available via the museum’s online archives. His incredible collection represents more than a century and a half of contemporary art, from architecture to design, including American painting, textiles, video and graphic arts. From works by Marcel Duchamp, to paintings by Roy Lichtenstein. The New York Museum of modern art is full of works of art that never cease to amaze these visitors, actually and virtually.