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An art exhibition in the Marais celebrating poetry

It is March 12 2020, in the middle of the Marais. During this evening, we can feel that the cold and sad winter is gone thanks to an animated and cheerful Chapon street. In fact, the  Galerie Guido Romero Pierini – Michael Timsit inaugurates an exhibition of contemporary art, awaited for many weeks!

« Ut Pictura Poesis » is a title beautifully found in homage to the Poetic Art of Horace.  This is an ancient collection in which there is a comparison between painting and poetry. In this paragone (debate during Italian renaissance), we find the idea that poetry is a talkative painting and that painting is a silent poetry. And it is exactly this subject that you will see during this exhibition with the three Artist: Marion Bataillard, Marius Pons de Vincent et Maximilien Pellet.

A majestic art exhibition in one of the most active quarters of the capital, 21 rue Chapon, an exceptional and atypical place in the heart of the Marais. This 130m2 space spread over two floors, includes a ground floor opening onto the street through a large display window. Inside, for the greatest pleasure of amateurs and neophytes is an exhibition of contemporary art which combines different artistic practices; an ode to joy, colors, and a love of aesthestic. 

Marion Bataillard – A dreamlike swetness

Marion Bataillard is not at her first exhibition at the Galerie Guido Romero Pierini – Michael Timsit. Her universe mixes spooky situations and tangy colors.

For this exhibition, the artist has chosen to exhibit Melancholia ou la Rate au Court-bouillon. She occupies a whole section of the right wall on the ground floor of the exhibition space. This masterful oil on canvas refers to the eponymous works of Albrecht Dürer and Lucas Cranach.

This is a dreamlike representation, one might say, not without a daily dimension. A headless, naked female figure is holding an iron bar in the right hand. She divides the composition into two parts.  Covered with a simple blue fishing net, the figure is as though she was captured in the middle of a dancing. You can see a shark, small fish, and molecules. On the other side, simply placed on a table are a kettle, a lemon, and a packet of sweets. On the edge, there are a few touches of paint. In this work, we say that the artist most certainly wanted to represent a dream.

Like a mise en abyme, Marion Bataillard much like to recall her status as a painter. When she represents herself, it is often as an artist.  However, the canvas, the paintbrush, and the paint tubes are enough to remind us that she is never really far away. This is discussed in the painting Peinture, also on display, where the artist proudly brandishes a canvas in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Her still lifes express her love for the representation of what surrounds us, of the smallest details of our daily lives. Games of light, hymn to life in this art exhibition in the heart of the Marais.


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