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The Marais’ best vintage shops for fashion and furniture

Vintage fashion has been in style for more than a few seasons, now — especially in the Parisian sphere. Whether it be clothes or furniture, styles that were the talk of the town a few decades ago continue to fill up the most glamorous wardrobes and interiors. Those who are passionate about fashion culture appreciate vintage pieces for their singularity, their “collector” aspect, but most importantly, for their durability. Vintage is not just an aesthetic : it’s an ethical choice. As we step foot into an era filled with disruptions, giving furniture or clothes a second life has become a major issue for waste reduction… And keep certain skills alive. Some of the best vintage shops are in the Marais, and it has become easy to find rare gems. Here are a few ones picked by Galerie Joseph, specialized in the renting of galleries in the Marais, in Paris.

Odetta Vintage – 76 rue des Tournelles

Odetta Vintage is located in the heart of the Marais, only a few minutes away from the Chemin Vert metro station, and three of our venues : Open Space Tournelles, Showroom Tournelles, and Loft Tournelles, all three of which are located in a gorgeous Directory style courtyard. Their available surface areas vary between 90sqm and 200sqm.

In this charming little shop, you will find many cut-label articles, such as Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel Azzedine Alaïa… The shop offers a great selection of clothes, jewelry, shoes and accessories, as well as design furniture, which bear the signature of creators such as Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Paulin or Verner Panton. You will find both choice and quality in this intimate, modern shop, that illustrates the timelessness of vintage fashion.

galerie joseph best vintage shops marais paris rent venue

Studio W – 21 rue du Pont aux Choux

Studio W offers a large selection of vintage accessories and clothing, carefully selected by the shop’s owner, William Moricet. There, you can find many cut-label pieces from the greatest couture brands : Saint Laurent, Dior, Lanvin and Courrèges… As well as accessories, such as Dior or Burberry suitcases, jewelry, shoes, or multiple crocodile skin bags.

The available pieces come from various eras, from around 1930 to 1990. No matter what your preferred time period is, you will certainly find what you are looking for, as long as you put in the price. The cut-label items, rare and in excellent condition despite their age, are well worth the price.

Studio W also has the advantage of a perfect location, a stone’s throw away from the Saint Sébastien Froissart metro stops… And multiple exhibition venues (such as four of our venues in rue de Turenne, as well as the 66 Charlot), which fit wonderfully for the planning of fashion or furniture showrooms.

galerie joseph vintage marais paris rent venue

Sunny – 5 rue Pastourelle

Sunny is both a shop and an art gallery for vintage furniture and accessories, but that’s not all. Indeed, Sunny is also a lifestyle in itself, as one can see written on the front sign : « Vintage, Lifestyle, and Dolce Vita ». Rustic elegance and carefree chic are both in this inviting shop in the Marais. It offers a selection of design items both eclectic and aesthetically pleasing.

The shop’s owner, Xavier Poggi, promotes his love of design : pieces of furniture must not only be functional, it must also be beautiful, make us feel good, and in some cases exist to satiate a certain passion. Between art pieces and purchasable furniture, Sunny stands out amongst the best vintage shops in the Marais, by upholding the love of beautiful furniture and high quality materials.

One of our venues, the 66 Charlot, is located near the Sunny shop. This former foundry is an historical location in the Marais, and amongst the neighborhood’s most beautiful showrooms. With its 3m long front window and its tall mezzanine, the 66 Charlot is perfect for the planning of all types of fashion, art, and decorating events.

galerie joseph best vintage shops marais paris rent venue

À demain – 97 rue de Turenne

Amongst the best vintage shops in the Marais, À demain is a true reference, as it offers a wide selection of lights and furniture dated from the 1950-1980 era. But À demain is more than a simple secondhand shop.

This singular, mysterious, charming little shop holds a great number of secrets, as well as various couches, chest of drawers and geometrical chandeliers. After exploring the shop, you’ll find incredible, rare ancient books, as well as posters and magazines all delightfully retro. And besides furniture, it also offers accessories (watches, glasses, jewelry…) and clothing, the style of which simply can’t go out of fashion.

The shop is located on the rue de Turenne, barely a few meters away from four of our venues : the 51 Turenne, 78 Turenne, 116 Turenne and 123 Turenne, four locations filled with light thanks to their large front windows. Those galleries are perfectly fit as a setting for pop-up stores, showrooms, and vintage exhibitions. They are available for rent all throughout the year.

galerie joseph best vintage shops marais paris rent venue

The Vintage Furniture

Finally, The Vintage Furniture offers a wide selection of Scandinavian furniture. Available pieces go from lights to carpets, mirrors, and photographies. The shop, which welcomes the works of designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Nils Jonsson, or Verner Panton, is a true treasure trove for vintage fans. Its goal is not only to promote great creators, but fine material, technical beauty and durability as well — the latter of which give each and every one of The Vintage Furniture’s pieces their timeless charm.

The Vintage Furniture is specialized in trendy, vintage furniture in Paris. It is located 51 Turenne in a wide venue filled with light, in the heart of the Marais.