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H&M and P.E Nation’s immersive studio in the Marais

A few days ago, a blast of athletic air swept through our 7 Bachaumont venue. On March 7th and 8th, the H&M Sports Club set up shop there, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day. Visitors had the opportunity to try on environmentally responsible sportswear, created for a collaboration between H&M et P.E Nation in this immersive studio located in the Marais… While wellness professionals offered fabulous sports classes ! Here is Galerie Joseph‘s recap of the event that signified the end of Fashion Week.

A new collaboration between two large brands

H&M, as a brand, needs to introduction. The Swedish giant has long proved its worth. The brand has established itself as a reference since its creation in 1947, after collaborating with Haute Couture houses such as Versace and Kenzo, or with artists such as Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Rihanna… Today, it is sitting hight on the podium of the most influent European ready to wear brands.

This spring, it revealed the contents of its collaboration with another brand, P.E Nation, at the 7 Bachaumont.

P.E Nation is an Australian activewear and sportswear clothing brand for women. It heavily promotes personal expression and the blurring of labels. P.E Nation is characterized by its style, which is both functional and flattering on all body types. It is also defined by its combination of athleisure and properly athletic articles of clothing, which adapt to every situation — both the most casual, or the most physically demanding of circumstances. But the brand is not only about streetwear : it also upholds strong lifestyle principles and engagements… Indeed, P.E Nation is a sustainable brand in many respects, especially when it comes to the environment. Each of the articles of clothing created for this collaboration with H&M was made, when possible, with green materials. Organic cotton and recycled polyester make up the collection exhibited in the 7 Bachaumont immersive studio in the Marais.

immersive studio marais paris Galerie Joseph rent event showroom gallery

A sports and fashion experience…

Sports professionals were at the Bachaumont venue for the event. One of them was personal trainer and wellness coach Christelle Javelier, who gave, along with other very inspiring coaches, collective sports classes, in a stylish and relaxed atmosphere. The visitors, all dressed to the nines in gorgeous sportswear, were able to try out some… Exacting activities !

Christelle Javelier, for instance, gave a “cardio boxing” class, which can be summed up as a high intensity, full body training.  Coelia Pelletier, yoga teacher and influencer, gave a “Pose Like Insta” class, in order to teach visitors the most impressive poses one can find on the platform. Finally, Clio Pajczer taught “heat yoga”, which is a mixture of yoga, cardio exercises, and power training.

The influencer teachers got to convey their love of sports through fully immersive workshops in this studio located in the heart of the Marais. It befit those who taught there rather well : skillfull, sporty and very, very energetic. Because to make people want to get back in shape, there truly is no better incentive than enthusiasm and cheerfullness ! Both of which were in high quantity during this weekend that was all about women’s solidarity. With a body positive attitude and an incentive to surpass oneself, the 7 Bachaumont venue welcomed an event that went much further than a simple brand collaboration. H&M and P.E Nation enabled a meeting between inspiring women from every horizon, united around a common love of sports and physical activity.

immersive studio marais paris Galerie Joseph rent event showroom gallery

… In an ideal venue

Of course, it’s not a coincidence if H&M and P.E Nation chose the 7 Bachaumont venue to plan their new collaborative collection. The Bachaumont gallery is perfectly fit for this type of event. Its 200sqm surface is spread over three levels with fully adjustable spaces, which can fit about 30 sitting guests (and about 150 standing). Its elegant, large front window allow for excellent visibility on the rue Bachaumont, one of the neighborhood’s highly frequented streets.

The Marais’ immersive studio thus welcomed all the energy and intensity of dozens of women ready to push their limits. What better way to end this Fashion Week ?

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Photo credits : Christelle Javelier