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Drawing Now Art Fair 2020 : shape and outline

Paris misses no opportunity to show that it remains a world capital of the arts. And it does so again this year, with many astounding exhibitions planned for this spring 2020. One of which is the Drawing Now Art Fair, bringing together dozens of art galleries, and hosting conferences, exhibitions, and prizes. From May 29th to June 1st, come discover the world of drawing at Carreau du Temple, in the heart of Paris. Galerie Joseph, specialized in the private renting of art galleries in the Marais, in Paris, will tell you all about this event.

What is the Drawing Now Art Fair ?

The Drawing Now Art Fair is a fair centered around art, and more specifically, the art of drawing. Christine Phal, gallery owner and the fair’s president, created it in 2007. It is the very first contemporary art fair entirely about drawing in Europe. And this year, the Drawing Now Art Fair is opening its doors for the 14th time.

But do not let the name deceive you, this is not only an exhibition of contemporary drawings. Around 70 international galleries, made up of arts professionals and chosen by an independent selection board will be involved in this event. The galleries will exhibit the works of over 400 artists (about 2000 works) with wildly varying styles and histories. They will be united in the name of contemporary art and artistic engagement, in order to make this particular art feel accessible to a wider audience.

Unprecedented in Europe, this fair has two main objectives to achieve. The first is to facilitate, and further promote access to contemporary art for most people. Especially contemporary drawing, which rarely gets a chance to shine during those types of event. The second objective is to gather a community around the art of drawing. A community made up of art lovers, of industry professionals, as well as anyone wishing to support the activity of contemporary artists, whether they be emerging or confirmed.

In 2019, 71 galleries from 15 countries were at Carreau du Temple. After 5 days of exhibitions that showed the works of over 300 artists, 20 000 visitors had come to the event.

Galerie Joseph drawing now art fair renting showroom gallery

Exhibitors at Drawing Now Art Fair

Here are three examples of exhibitors that will attend the fair. They are selected amongst the 74 galleries that will show their works during the upcoming five days.

The Drawing Room Gallery

This first gallery comes to us directly from the Philippines. It is specialized in artworks on paper. However, since it was created 20 years ago, the venue has grown and evolved, and now treats other formats while still focusing on contemporary art. It offers the works of artists that represent the complex realities of Philippine society.

Josée Bienvenu Gallery

The Josée Bienvenu gallery is located between the tenth and eleventh avenues of New York, in a neighborhood particularly oriented towards contemporary art. For this Drawing Now Art Fair, multiple artists such as Peter Kim, Marco Maggi and Martí Cormand will be exhibited. Though their styles diverge, the three artists treat similar topics in their works : modernity, the conceptualization of space, and the passage of time.

In situ Fabienne Leclerc

The In Situ gallery is located in the Parisian region, at Romainville. It promotes young artists from both the French and international scene, as well as multiple already established artists. It also publishes artists’ books and catalogues since its creation in 2001.

Galerie Joseph drawing now art fair renting showroom gallery

The events of the Drawing Now Art Fair

Multiple events will take place during those three days, concurrently to the artists’ exhibitions.

For instance, multiple Talks and Interviews will be held. During those meetings, visitors will get the opportunity to meet international professionals of the contemporary art world. They will thereby be able to discuss various themes with them, such as the place of women in the industry, artists’ backgrounds, the lessons we can all learn from art…

The “Drawing Now” prize will also be delivered to a laureate artist. He or she will win a 5000 euros grand prize, and will get to have their works shown in a later exhibition.

But that’s not all. In collaboration with the Cinémathèque Française, Drawing Now Art Fair also plans an exhibition on cinema. It will be, of course, centered on the subject of drawing. Indeed, the two techniques are intrinsically linked, whether through the practice of storyboards, of animation, of mixed artistic mediums… The Tout un film ! exhibition broaches the subject of what ties drawings and cinema in two steps. First : cinema as a reference for artists (and vice versa, drawings as a reference for directors). And secondly : how both mediums can be associated in a single, profoundly graphic art.

Galerie Joseph renting showroom gallery

This fair gives an in-depth look at the art of contemporary drawing : an incredibly important theme for us. Throughout the year, Galerie Joseph offers 20 venues for rent in the trendy Marais neighborhood, in Paris. Multiple exhibitions will soon take place in our gallery venues, most notably in the Guido Romero Pierini Michael Timsit venue, at 37 rue Chapon. A collective exhibition will be shown starting March 19th, following a private viewing on the 18th from 6PM and onward.

Our venues are also available for other types of event : showrooms, art exhibitions, pop-up stores, conferences… For more information, please see our website.


Photography credits : ©Emmanuel Nguyen Ngoc