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Robots : the future of Paris events ?

It was at the Heavent exhibition in 2019 that Galerie Joseph met the robots of Paris events agency Publithings. Amongst the 450 other exhibitors gathered Porte de Versailles, Publithings demonstrated their new promoters. The robots promoters are named Nao, Pepper, and Alpha. They can dance, speak, move on their own, and even welcome visitors. Those marvels of technology, with their their adorable faces and many features, are no longer just communication tools to titillate the curiosity of potential clients; they are full-fledged promoters. Are robots the future of events ?

A technological advance that stirs up curiosity

A lot has changed since the very first automatons were invented. Throughout the 18th century, the machines delighted crowds and provided them with a revolutionary type of entertainment. Recently, though, and as technology progressed, they got replaced by very sophisticated descendants. Robots used to be bulky, costly, and rare, and now, they are getting more and more accessible — while remaining an endless source of wonderment. With the advances of technology, the robots that leave factories now have nothing to do with their ancestors : they are expressive, can hold a conversation, and handle all kinds of tasks. Symbols of innovation and progress, they are now on the top of event trends, which would explain why robots are so integral to Paris events.

robots events paris future galerie joseph showroom

Robots : an asset for Paris events?

Some robots need a human to control them. For instance, the waiter robot: its route can be programmed in advance, but it can also be controlled by a promoter on site. However, many are completely self-reliant. With either the help of tablets or through their own voice, they can give information to visitors as they arrive, offer games, or take video-conference calls. They can also dance, entertain guests with their conversation abilities, give directions to the various rooms or exhibits. Better still, their stunning expressivity never fails to impress. The robots have no trouble interacting with others thanks to their advanced artificial intelligence. Thanks to their talent for performance, as well as for more technical tasks, they are fit for any occasion, allowing for the planning of extraordinary events.

It will take some time before robots are easily available to the general public, however, it’s never been easier to rent one or multiple robots for events in Paris. They assure a futuristic atmosphere that will captivate audiences. Robots seem to be the choice of the future when it comes to event planning.

robots events paris future galerie joseph showroom

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