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The Marais’ top 5 vegetarian restaurants

Paris is nicknamed the city of Lights for a reason. It is home to boundless creativity and innovations, especially when it comes to food. The Marais neighborhood is the living proof. Ever the trendsetter and quite busy, this district is where many restaurants have chosen to practice their craft. This entails making good food available to most… And more eco-friendly, too. Consequently, Galerie Joseph offers you a list of 5 of the best vegetarian restaurants in the Marais, so that you may have a great meal without trouble after an exhibition in one of our galleries for rent, or after planning a showroom.

Hank, 55 rue des Archives – A burger good for your karma 

What exactly is Hank, the new Parisian burger spot ? Firstly, HANK is an acronym for Have A Nice Karma. And indeed : the establishment does stand out from the array of Parisian vegetarian restaurants. The burgers served at Hank are not only vegetarian : they are 100% vegan. They are entirely plant-based, without any animal byproduct, whether it be in the bread or any of the fillings. No eggs, milk, butter, or meat — but taste. 

Hank favors homemade cooking. Each of their unique recipes (which change depending on the season) is cooked on site. Thanks to that, all the ingredients in their burgers are adjustable depending on allergies and specific demands. For a more positive impact on the environment, each of the wrappers used in their packaging is both recyclable and biodegradable. The offered desserts are also vegan, and the drinks, organic and fairtraide. Regular, unhealthy fast-food restaurants don’t stand a chance.  

Open everyday and without interruption from 12 noon to 10pm, Hank makes vegan diets not only accessible but also fun and delicious. And that’s not it. With its three Paris locations, Hank has extended its reach. They also plan events, and even make… Pizzas ! Which are also 100% vegan.

Find the Hankburgers barely 2 minutes away from our 6 Braque venue, one of the galleries offered for rent for your art exhibitions, showrooms, or pop-up stores.

More information on their website.

Addresses :

55 rue des Archives

8 rue de Rochechouart 

 18 rue des Gravilliers

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Fringe, 106 rue de Turenne – Coffee off the beaten path 

Jeff Hargrove opened his café, Fringe, with an objective in mind : partake in the “Paris coffee revolution”. He’s achieved that goal by combining 3 essential themes. Firstly, local coffee ; “good-eating”, with quality, local ingredients ; and finally, a love of photography, putting the spotlight on emerging artists. 

Fringe works with world-famous coffee roasters to obtain quality espressos (their “signature” one, as well as another espresso which changes monthly) and filter coffees (which change regularly). As for the menu, it represents all the agricultural abundance of the Île de France region. With the close contact it keeps with its suppliers, Fringe ranks itself high on the range of local eating. Everything is homemade : juices, bread, pastries, and all the dishes, for the most part vegetarian (with vegan options). 

Regularly, Fringe hosts photography exhibitions. While savoring healthy dishes and high quality coffee, you will be able to enjoy the works of photographs with the same artisanal, personal approach. Fringe also offers photography books, as well as books and magazines about specialty coffee. 

You can find Fringe a 2 minute walk away from our 66 Charlot and 123 turenne venues, and less than a minute away from our 116 Turenne venue. Those three locations, with their large surface area and excellent lighting, are ideal to host your events, showrooms, or professional conferences.

More information on their website.

Address :

106 rue de Turenne

vegetarian restaurants vegan paris marais galerie joseph

Yummy and Guiltfree, 3 rue du Temple – Simply delightful

Waffles for lunch ? Yes, because Yummy and Guiltfree happen to not make just any waffle. They come in two formats, savory and sweet, and can be enjoyed either to go or on site.

Among the Paris restaurants, Yummy and Guiltfree truly stands out. The chef, Damien Cassart, does indeed revisit this traditional treat with a lot of creativity. With recipes that change depending on the seasons, fully homemade, those waffles have a lot to offer… And without any guilt to be felt : they are gluten-free, lactose-free, and contain 20% less calories than most waffles. With toppings such as Madagascar vanilla, lemon curd, the Alpine version or with hummus and vegetables, they’ll surely suit your tastes… And truly speak to your inner child. The plain waffle (just as delicious) is also completely vegan. You truly can’t miss out on their multiple locations while visiting our Marais venues. 

More information on their website.

Addresses :

3 rue du Temple

9 boulevard Montmartre

Hall 3 Gare de Lyon, Place Henri Frenay

vegetarian restaurants paris vegan marais galerie joseph

Kitchen, 74 rue des Gravilliers – A veggie-cool cafe in the Marais 

Located for over ten years in the neighborhood, Kitchen is one of the pioneers when it comes to vegetarian restaurants in Paris. 

Kitchen fits every occasion : whether it be a lunch on the go, a hearty breakfast, or a gourmet snack break. The produce is fresh, the organis juices are made daily, and you can have a taste of delicious vegan protein shakes, as well as vitamin-filled green smoothies. The pastries are vegan and/or gluten-free, the coffee is freshly roasted… But what truly makes the Kitchen brand is their veggies stews. Those vegetarian dishes are composed of wholegrain rice, roasted vegetables, crudités, and a sauce of your choice. Comfort food at its peak, it’s also a very balanced meal, and will surely make you feel at home. And if you really don’t have time to sit down, Kitchen also makes sandwiches and salads with the freshest ingredients.

You can also go for their specialty brunch, which includes pancakes, acai bowls and mega toasts. You can find Kitchen a short walk away from our 20-21-37 Chapon venues, as well as our 236 Saint Martin and 7 Bachaumont venues — five locations available for rent, where you’ll be able to host all your events : art exhibitions, showrooms… 

More information on their website.

Address :

 74 rue des Gravilliers

vegetarian restaurant vegan paris marais galerie joseph

Wild & the Moon, 55 rue Charlot – Let out your wild side

In Paris, Wild & the Moon is a reference when it comes to vegetarian restaurants. With its many locations in the city, Wild & the Moon focuses on natural, clean eating, good both for the customer and the environment. None of their dishes (salads, hot meals, or their famous, vitamins-filled bowls) contain any preservatives or additives. Their menu, 100% vegan and healthy, was constructed with the help of nutritionnists and naturopaths. Their cooking process allow for a maximum conservation of the ingredients’ benefits : thanks to fermentation, pre-germination… 

You won’t find any processed sugar at Wild & the Moon. Everything is homecooked from organic, local, seasonal ingredients. They waste as little as possible, and recycle what they can’t transform. As for their packagings, they contain no plastic. 

The best part, however, is that it’s all fresh, generous, and delicious. Vegans, vegetarians, omnivorous… Will all be pleased with their diverse offers. They also offer a wide array of juices that will surely boost your mood in those hard winter times. It will put a pep in your step for the planning of events in our venues for rent, located a few minutes walk away : such as the 66 Charlot, or the 116 and 123 Turenne. 

More information on their website.

Addresses :

55 rue Charlot

4 rue du Helder

138 rue Amelot