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The upcoming 2020 exhibitions at Chapon venues

Since early 2020, Galerie Joseph owns 3 exhibition venues on the street of Chapon. Said street, located in the heart of the Parisian Marais, stands out with its ideal geographical situation : it indeed benefits from excellent visibility, as well as the cultural and artistic life of the Marais.

This year, the street of Chapon becomes a key location of Parisian art. All throughout the year, those three venues will welcome the works of artists with diverse personnalities and styles. To each their touch, their story, the message they want to send.

Find out more about our upcoming 2020 exhibitions at our 20, 21, and 37 Chapon venues.

Éric Bourguignon

From January 31 to February 21 – 21 rue Chapon 

From January 31 to February 21, the works of French painter Éric Bourguignon will be adorning the walls of gallery Guido Romero Pierini Michael Timsit, located 21 rue Chapon.

In his works, the artist explores nature in its every form. Inspired both by contemporary artists and those who have come before him. Parietal art has a prominent place in the painter’s imagination. It can be found in the ochre, rocky tones of some of his paintings in one of the 2020 exhibitions. Bourguignon depicts the sky and the forest, the depths of the sea or underground caves. The presence of Humankind here is almost spectral. Human beings are painful apparitions in this nature both threatening and enveloping nature. The brushstrokes are lively, the colors and patterns both meld into one another… Yet, the ensemble is very meticulous. It evokes a great pictural sensitivity : a melancholy peace radiates from Eric Bourguignon’s paintings. They make us feel both the nostalgia of the past and the physicality of the present.

The new exhibition, « Érosion Anthropique », will open January 31 at the gallery Guido Romero Pierini Michael Timsit, 21 rue Chapon. Located in the heart of the Marais, the venue is available for rent during Fashion Weeks. The minimalist volumes and the modern layout of the 21 Chapon venue allows this atypical 130sqm space to truly stand out.


Fleur d’ombre, huile sur toile, 130x97cm


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