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Paris Kid Week at Galerie Joseph

Since 2015, the Paris Kid Week dresses the little ones in the most wonderful attires. On this beginning of the year, the biggest Parisian kids’ fashion event has settled in Galerie Joseph, in the heart of the Marais. In this center of trends, not too long after the Paris Fashion Week, that brands have revealed their new collections. Here are a few.

Brands gathered at 116 Turenne for Paris Kid Week 2020

It’s at the 116 TUrenne space that many designer brands gathered for this year’s Paris Kid Week. Between clothing, shoes, and accessories, kids were under the spotlight in this great 850sqm space, distributed over two floors. Here are a few of the brands present during this event. 

Mini-malist : Gray Label at 116 Turenne

Gray Label is a reference when it comes to kids’ fashion. Based in Amsterdam, the brand creates clothes for babies and children from 0 to 10, putting the emphasis on kids’ freedom. Freedom to choose what they want to wear, to develop their tastes and their personality… All throughout the year, the collections are composed of soft-toned articles with timeless cuts, a modern and sophisticated design… While still fitting to the various characters of their young clients. The brand pomotes minimalism and simplicity, but not just that. It’s also a way for Gray Label to develop a textile industry more respectful of natural resources and the environment. That is the reason why their products are certified GOTS and crafted from 100% pure cotton. 

This passion for minimalism and simplicity can be found in the decor chosen by the brand to exhibit its new collection. The 116 Turenne venue, offered for rent by Galerie Joseph, indeed shares this aesthetic… Located in the heart of the Marais, historical and artistic district of Paris, this space is very adjustable. It fits for any kind of event (art exhibition, showroom, pop-up store). With its large surface and its minimalist, comfortable furniture, the 116 Turenne venue truly stands out. Its impressive glass roof, 12m high, lets enough sunshine in to light up the whole room.

paris kid week rent galerie joseph

Autumnal softness : Autumn Design at 116 Turenne for Paris Kid Week

A mixture of nostalgia and gentleness, autumn colors, the comfort of soft materials : this is Autumn Paris. This brand of household linen focuses on the comfort and quality of its products. From bedsheets to bathrobes to plaids and pillowcases, Autumn Paris is a specialist when it comes to simplicity and comfort. The items, handcrafted in their Portugal atelier, are made from raw and noble materials. The very soft tones of each article fits in in perfectly with their surroundings, for perfect harmony. As per their no-plastic policy, the brand has committed to have a more positive impact on the environment. It has taken plastic out of their packaging, replacing them with reusable, fabric bags. 

This Paris Kid Week, Autumn Paris has shown its new collection at the 116 Turenne. This venue is one of the 20 offered for rent by Galerie Joseph in the Marais, Paris. With its large surface of 850sqm distributed over two floors, the 116 TUrenne fits for any event. Art exhibit, showroom, pop-up store… The space is very adjustable, between tradition and modernity with its period stones and floorboards. It is filled with light and atypical. As for its location, it’s ideal : the venue is located in the heart of a district focused on art and innovation.  

kid week galerie joseph rent

The future of sneakers : VEJA at 116 Turenne

Veja is a brand specialized in sneakers for men, women, and children. Its goal : reinvent the sneaker as we know it, and create a timeless shoe both stylish and responsible. The brand stands out with its commitment to buyers, workers, and nature. With its designs created using the least amount of plastic possible, or with natural and/or recycled materials, Veja falls in line with fairtrade manufacture. One out of four Veja design is even composed entirely of vegan materials. The emphasis is put on quality, with a minimal negative impact on the environment… But also on the item’s beauty. Veja creates sneakers that desire to be timeless. By using durable, nature-friendly materials, the brand creates shoes made to last. 

Veja showed its new collection at 116 Turenne. The venue, one of the 20 offered for rent by Galerie Joseph, is located in the heart of the Marais, Paris. Its impressive glass roof, which culminates at a height of 12m, allows for sunshine to fall in and light up the whole room. The period floorboards also add to this space’s sophisticated charm.

paris kid week galerie joseph location

Tiny cottons at 123 Turenne for Paris Kid Week

The brand Tiny Cottons, based in Barcelona, uses its creations to tell stories… Stories about joy, comfort, and durability. The goal : to appeal both to parents and children of every age (from 0 to 12) with colorful designs and great quality materials. The brand has a clear aesthetic of vivid colors, and most importantly, pleasant patterns that don’t go out of fashion. With eyes set on the green movement, the brand prefers to use recycled materials when it comes to anything other than cotton : their factories also follow the principles of fairtraide. The cosmopolitan, artistic and innovative influence of Barcelona can be found in each and every one of Tiny Cottons creative choices.

The 123 Turenne space offers great visibility with its 5m long window overlooking the street. This atypical, 170sqm venue is of Haussmannian style. It benefits from an ideal location : right between the Saintonge and Turenne streets, in the heart of the Marais. This historical district of the capital is constantly bustling with activity. Indeed, its many showrooms and art galleries are essential spots for fashion and design. The period floorboards add to the charm of this unique venue, which fits for every type of exhibition or event.